Lunch Break - 07.07.18 

Uncategory Jul 06, 2018 21:00

When Dad wants to take a shortcut.

A car floating in the river

Good thing he is not a proctologist.

My dads collection of every item he pulled from a flat tire over 30+ years as an auto mechanic

"Who invited this asshole?!"

Who that

Normally about halfway through the morning dump:

Phone dump part i lost count

Hey girl.

Finally found out what's living in the sandpit behind our house.

Dad for the win!

Dad: the problem solver


Alabama woman has this removed from one of her ovaries...

True genius.


Daily dose of DORBS.

Attack in Slomo

You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.

Gimme Moire!

I'm on her side.

Trailer Park Tammy

He's a Toys R Us kid. Oh wait.

Grandpa buys his little dog a toy

This resulted in a four year stalking incident.

Teacher’s helping hand.

They know what they are doing.

A or B

Put your tongue away.

Cuteness overload.

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Mexican fans went to the Korean embassy after their World cup win and made the ambassador come out and drink tequila.


MRW my stomach has a disagreement with a breakfast burrito

Dance! Dance! Dance!

When you listen to music while doing something boring to make the time go by faster 

Sweet ride!

Wait for it....

This is the Batman of cats.

You can dooo eeeett...

That's dumb, dogs can't do math.

Dog dump.

Weirdly satisfying.

Got a Splitting headache?
Got a Splitting headache?

Better than Jurassic World Part 2

Jurassic Park, but everyone including the dinosaurs is wearing high heels.

Have fun in the garden!

*olive garden


When you're talented but you didn't go to College

We are into what she is into.

Captain Fareeya - Lightforged Draenei

Robot loggers log real good wood.

I totally wood...


Viva Brazil

What if feels like going to work every day.

cat.exe is experiencing difficulties 

What friends are for.

Florida Man and his best friend

Bike made for two.

Me and my road dog

Get a hair cut ya hippie!

How long is too long for long hair


When you gave your girlfriend a scooter

When they say don't stare at the sun, ask: Which one?

Neato burrito

She made it!

Hiding from the police

Maybe they are Breatharians?

Parenting done right


Zebra on a trampoline

Almost got him!

Rambunctious fellow

This did not go as we had hoped.


Having a great SUMMER.

Testing Bikini Top Capacities For Science

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