Lunch Break - 07.06.18 

Uncategory Jul 05, 2018 21:00

Truth hurts.


Remember to wear a helmet!

What does the meeting of two rednecks look like?

This game was rough on everyone.

-30hp -20hp -15hp

Beep! Beep!

Meme of the Day... :)


Happy Thursday..

How do you learn how to do this without dying first?

impressive skills

Love is real.



It works on so many levels!

He gets his second hump when he becomes a man.

this is what happiness looks like if it was an animal

Guess they took it.


We are going all in.

Cheese Fondue with Fries, Onion Rings and Chicken Strips in Garlic and Sweet Chili Flavor

Are you hungry yet?

Buffalo Fries and Buffalo Wings, Crispy Chicken Strips, Waffle Fries, & Tater Tots

Watch out, Tesla!

fully automatic

Not if your couch has wheels.



No.  This was not sped up.  Holy SHIT!!!

Let us take a moment to watch the world burn.

Lavaberg breaks in half.

Damn you Eggnog!

Eggnog must be the goodest boy

We need more of this.

Random Korean dude cheered by Mexican Fans after South Korea Saves Mexico from elimination.


There is literally nothing I want to tongue punch so hard


Funny As Ashit

I wouldn't even walk near there.

I would never do this, wearing a hat like that in public...

Who did it better?

We get it, you love cross fit.  Oh, never mind. 

Ever wonder what the meat is made from?

Anybody remember playing in these death traps?

So THAT is what is inside there!

2018 annual pig roast

The pilot has spoken.


Thanks Amazon!

I Don't Want To Grow Up 

But I haven't digested the last ones I ate yet.


Wacka wacka!

I don’t know where these came from.

So cuddly!

bunny has reached maximum relaxation mode


Sorry, I have to inform you that condoms don’t work after the child has already been born

He seems fun.


When you find out your dog is a shape shifter.

Projection mapping my dog with Lightform

Uh, someone is sleeping here.

Trash Panda tries to get comfortable on a train. 

Sad but true.

Michael does not wanna rock with you, Joe Jackson!

What did he do to deserve this?

Lets play a game

Yay Romans!


This is not OK!

Ummm... hey, Jack... JACK!

LOL Don't do drugs, kids!


Nice view!

If REAL women modeled for Victoria's Secret.

Don't judge, you would do the same!

Woman's Logic.

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