Lunch Break - 07.04.18 

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Let's drink to AMERICA!

I'm deployed and my boy sent me this to show how they'll be celebrating for me

Or in America what we call "the small."

In 2012 there was a computer malfunction causing every single firework at the san diego fireworks display to go off at once

Freedom isn't free.

Freedom: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Turf and Turf for the win!

My Fourth of July plans

That is offensive. Kid Rock sets off the fire works.


Fireworks? God was like "Hold my beer."

Lightning strikes firework in mid air on beach!

Stay safe!

Now before you slackers take off for a long 4th of July remember:

This car is like a Murica turducken.

Happy birthday America! These are the most American pics I found in my phone. This is every day life for me. In the land I love.

Clown car!


Pale blue dot! Say hi.


RIP Groot!


What's in your mouth buddy?


Worth the read. Amazing.

Old and repost, but it makes me happy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The burbs!


This puppy is having a better 4th of July than you!

I think my puppy is broken


Road safety at its best


Only magnum you need is a magnumfying glass

Free ride! Wheeeeee.

holy shit!!!

Why you should always wash your watermelon: this one is filthy!

Mini ass dumpinho ..

The mainstream media never talks about this.

The real hero

Those are my peanuts!

Horton Hears a Bitch

And then things got WEIRD.

Why I browse imgur.

10-10 for the win!

An inspiration to us all...

They found him!



"Oh you did not just boop my snoot!" - Kid

Seems cuddly.

History meme dump

Yeah we can do that, just that we are tired.

Holy cow

Makes the bed nice and steamy.

I really hope that that is clean clothes

Moving target.

Low profile fail

Get some ointment for that SICK BURN.

Roasted Posts (30 images) Part one of who knows

Mom's garden got WEIRD.

Finally found the tree Eve couldn’t stay away from...

He must work out.

Retired SWAT and USMC Veteran's explosive strength set. 

This is what 2018 should look like.


Or both.

Oh Harold

See what you did there.

Oh,... my,... God!!!


Wait for it .....

When you sing for your supper.


When your friend with weed comes over.

Bella’s happy smile

Now it is time to BBQ1

Introduction to a typical Romanian BBQ

Talk about a HAPPY 4th.

America the Beautiful

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