Lunch Break - 07.03.18 

Uncategory Jul 02, 2018 21:00

Happens every time.

Meme dump

Your Daily Dose of DORBS!

Banana Bed (Poem inside)


Always thank the bus driver

So hungry for The Force.

Wholesome Dump

The Smoke Monster will cost you extra.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The future is now!

Electronic Skin Lets Amputees Feel Pain Through Their Prosthetics

For the win!

Firefighter saves suicidal woman's life

You are getting sleepy.

So mesmerizing

OK, now do a puppy.

Miracle Machine makes everything!

Dizzy just looking at this.

Men working in mid air maintaining electricity cables.

Why Cindy loved going to a hike.

That might hurt a bit

When you respectfully request that your parents start using a condom.

Did someone order a box full of kittens?


No cat no

Dang that is dark.

In a blaze of glory..

Come to Mama!

This is all I have ...

Worth it.

Hold the seat

Nice view!

Visibility Forever! Ginnie Springs

Thanks Carl!

So close

Pinch, pinch, pinch!

Teeny Tiny Crab Feeding Time

When everyone is partying and you just want to lay down.

"Guess which socially awkward dog is mine at doggy day care..."


This pleases me and more in fact we are friends on Facebook ..

Evolution is amazing.

Eyes of a hunter.

Truth hurts.

Dump of memes, unthemed pt. 2

He didn't make it to the next level.


Hey now!

Comic Dump - some panels, pages, jokes and art. Mostly DC.

A nice day to stretch at the beach!

My 2 Cakeday here my first favorites

You know we have video now, right?

I programmed a LED fan to show my old dog and I walking on the beach.

Who wants to play Ice Soccer??

This is simultaneously the funniest and stupidest sport


These all make me feel just a little better about myself.

Well they just opened a new McDonald's in our town, so...

A medieval arch and aqueduct in Perugia, Italy

Getting pumped.

Pre-race is all about preparing mentally 


Dump... sorry mom

This is making some of you uncomfortable.

My happy doggo celebrating his 6th birthday

Now they know what it is like to be a cheeseburger!



Cake Frosting

Mom loved this park.


Tetris Pro IRL.

Smooth operator

True love.

The perfect friendship

Everyone gets a bite.

The best birthday cake

See you guys BACK here tomorrow!

Its been a while since some hot women have been posted

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