Lunch Break - 07.02.18 

Uncategory Jul 01, 2018 21:00

When a bird actually craps himself.

Crappy Art....

Hey guys!

Just a friendly sea pupper to make your day better


Every Relationship Needs This

The future is now!

Man on "hoverboard" before the start of yesterday's Formula 1 French GP

All the fails.

The landing is the best part

So much blood.

A picture's worth a thousand words

Leave our friend alone!

Who let the dogs out?

No shirt, no shoes, NICE.

Hope Everyone Enjoys These 10 Pictures of Famous People Not in the Way You Would Normally Expect to Find Them.


Completely random GIF dump for your fleeting enjoyment

Sponge cake!

Unusual Food Presentation Compilation


Tiger makes explosive escape from truck intentionally designed to free animals into the wild

And then they melded together to form a evil super computer. Good work!

How people recycle computers.

The more you know.

A little psa

Best buds.

Jonah gets spooked by Dicaprio


TFW when you realize the title decay corresponds with writing quality

We liked playing dodge ball in gym class.

In case you missed the USA National Jump Rope Competition on ESPN The Ocho

Thank you Porn Hub!

True gentleman

Dog is not a fan of his new shoes.

Dog tries out the new kicks. 

Amateur Parkour enthusiast.

Watch me climb these rocks

They need to bring back mall fountains and use this as a template.


We are going to need a bigger bowl of onion dip.

Diving in Kachemak bay, Alaska

So two people lied.


There is a new way to do everything.

If there is a will there is an Asian way to do it

She should play the lotto.

Lady Luck

Your daily dose of DORBS.

Wiggle wiggle

Oh Patty.

I’ve included a bunch of British memes this time cuz that’s the place where memes will be illegal I think


Good Boi

If we could do that we would never leave the house.

Please enjoy my foolish cat

A whole bunch of NOPE.

gif dump, all stolen, so help yourselves to anything new :)

He has a friend!

Random stolen image depository

No wrong way to eat one.



Dog vs Drone

That thing sure has some range!

Hottest summer fashion item

Some sweet moves!

Dancing With Style

Just UGH.

This is why education is important...stay in school kids


Teamwork makes the dream work

Sometimes it IS the size.

This belongs here

Someone keep an eye on him.

When the high kicks in.

What did you catch?

Fishing girl

Still would.

Sexy Girl

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