Lunch Break - 06.30.18 

Uncategory Jun 29, 2018 21:00

Wasn't me.

Weed bazooka

S for SAD.

Mostly depression, some dank, all stolen.

How baby cars are made.

My Friday

We are not alone!

Close up of the Andromeda Galaxy, shows just how many stars there are.

Look I can fly!

Best cosplay

Nailed it!

Little Dump

The dog was startled at how this meme is already over played.


Guess we will be leaving.

Is this what Imgur wants?


Watch out for shell casings!

Juggle Juggle.

Don't Skip Leg Day

When the joke takes you a moment.

Wait for it!

Serial killers had to ruin it for everyone.


Let the music move you.

Put my phone inside my guitar

This is why Dad kept wanting to go on a picnic.

Picnic ....

Down boy!

MRW my husband is trying to get me in the mood but I haven't decided if I'm still mad at him from earlier or not


imgur, is this your thing?

What is the sign for "Mom's Spaghetti?"

Holly Maniatty, a sign language translator, going in signing Rap God by Eminem 

Well there is something you don't see everyday.

Dump Dump 


Bend it Like Beckham!

Boom. SOLID.

This is the guitar pick I use to play quarter notes

A true crime.

Culprit Located

Longest Left Hangin on record.

Left hangin

I imagine them singing.


This should come in handy in college.

How Yo Get Out Of Zip-Ties

She must work out.

Well I Can Fold A Fitted Sheet

Whichever way it fits!

She made herself laugh

What have Grandma and Grandpa been up to!?

Oldie but goldie !

When things at the buffet get out of hand.

war of 1812 colorized

Was going to hack some code real quick.

In the 90's it was important for hackers to be able to quick-draw their floppies.

Not as good as the first one.

Jurassic Bark

The slow march of time comes for us all.

Age is just an — oh no

I got a snake, MANG.

The Snek Won’t Die

Dance party!

Don't ever forget to have a little fun every day.


I’m being modest

Great now that song is going to be stuck in my head.

This would be nice .

True hero.

flippin awesome

Would buy!

Monday  Taco bell style dump

Skeletor Chris Farley The 1st it is then!

Sound advice


Mikaela Hoover is gorgeous.

Someone get her a towel.

The drop dead gorgeous Miss Sara Jean Underwood when she doesn't cover up those amazing freckles.

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