Lunch Break - 06.29.18 

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They know.

Tuesday morning thoughts

Someone needs to show him he can see naked ones on there too.

Grandpa being a creep

Oh you a fancy cat!

I too enjoy watching well trained foals as they show off their trotting skills.

Always someone.


True genius.

Give this man a medal

Make sure not to get sticky hands when you have leprosy.

Stolen meme dump 1...that’s right...there will be more

Guess he doesn't have to worry about affording college.

Ded by splash

Pillow fight!


Hope he likes yellow.

Y'all wanna see what defeat looks like in human form?


HMB while I outrun my car

Gives the bread more flavor.

Cursed Image Dump

The opposite of how I like my coffee.

Stirring a square shaped mug creates an ...interesting... shape in the coffee.

She has been waiting for this.

Marry me?

Freeze, you have the right to remain dunked on.

Officer teaches valuable lessons


Very impressive kitty

We are number 2.

There are two types of people in the world...

Somebody is watching me.

Perspective matters

And everyone else said, Meh.

Incredibles 2

Video or it didn't happen.

Bro I'll let you sleep at my place.


I love football more and more every time I see Senegal.

KFC is really trying hard.

Rotisserie Crocodile

She seems like a good candidate.

Space Force

Well that is something you don't see everyday.

Mesmerising ball sports...

How trucks stay hydrated in the summer.

Here we see a rare photo of a truck in it's natural habitat, drinking water from a river.

When you are so hungry you could eat an ear!

Nom nom nom

That ain't right.

Not what she expected.

Hey now.

Work Smarter... 

Cat is a perv.

Are you okay? 


"I'm a beginner beekeeper and I am told that a sting to the face is a rite of passage..So I have that going for me..which is nice"

What will they think of next?



Think before you do

The future is now.

Laser engraving is straight out of sci-fi

Good luck to you sir!

could not come up with a title

Going on his permanent record!

I just finished a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Here are all my notes, assignments, and tests from both my graduate and under-grad degrees.

He wants you to stop eating fish.

LostPLA metal castings my students made in their materials science class.

Good Game, Good Game, Good Game, Good Game.

When a new born calf joins the herd, the adults celebrate and meet the calf by touching it with their trunks.

City from the future.

Highrise Highride


From the mouths of babes.

Seems like she fixed it real good.

This Sexy Lady Loves Working On Pipes

Learning to fly!

Pretty lady with planes

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