Lunch Break - 06.28.18 

Uncategory Jun 27, 2018 21:00

This is actually impressive in how much of a FAIL it is!

WTF! How the fk do you get a licence with no brain ?

They just want to be friends.

Eye Contact


Good Times

Paper cuts when it pops out of the stomach!

An Origami Facehugger

Ketchup art coming to a special McyD's exhibit.

The Sauce

This is the dog equivalent of going to a strip club.

"Such a good...wait a minute..."

Dad Dentistry for the win!

"I told my son if he let me shoot his tooth out I'd upload it to the internet."

Or if there are still any chickens inside. That's what I always thought.

Tumblr teaching important life skills

We are with dog. WTF?

What The Fluff?

Also for your accountant.


No helicopter landing pad?

Welcome to the jungle

Nailed it.


How to give a cat heroin.

I'm not afraid of injections, I just do not notice them.

Discount Uber.

It's not stupid if it works

You can almost hear it roar!

Rare baby dinosaur skeleton that was discovered was so intact that scientists could tell how it died

Better than a hole in one!

Making strides this year

This guy is going to come in handy.

Fallout Cosplay dump

The Aristocrats!

Second dump

Yes cat. He went into the wall.

Cats do care

Nobody saw that!

Quality save.

Your daily dose of DORBS.

Little kangaroo greets a new rescued joey.

Can't wait for winter!

Perpetual zen

Who has better hair though?

Engineering memes are the best

New Predator movie looks intense.

Two Members of the Constitutional Convention Shake Hands Following the Signing, 1787 (Colorized).

He must work out.

Now... you try it.


Parkour on par four

Don't breathe in!

Fire Retardant

Who wants to play horse?!

The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles

Dog cam!

"CLEAR THE WAY.....!!"

Share the road?

move over rover 

Kevin better watch it!

The Rock & Kevin Hart constantly go after each other on instagram. This one cracked me up.

This little guy!



*internal scream* 2 (OC)


Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

See what you want in the mirror.

In case you needed to hear it

Happy summer!


Whoa there, whoa.

Otterly adorable...


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Look at that giraffe!

Look everyone sexy girl and a giraffe !

It's Christmas in JUNE!

Just some sexy girl wearing a sexy outfit. Merry Christmas everyone :-)

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