Lunch Break - 06.26.18 

Uncategory Jun 25, 2018 21:00

She murdered Kermit The Frog and used him as hair dye.

Just got some colorblind corrective glasses. My first RHM post!

Dog problems.

Water ... water ... water ... water ... water

Water over troubled bridge.

Aqueduct Water Bridge, Holland

Space Force is off to a good start.

Soyuz docking the International Space Station (time-lapse)

Got to make sure Dolores isn't pulling a fast one.

You can't complain, It still works...

Fry thief!

Not this time bro!

Stop doing that for the Tin Man.

Stolen memes that made me laugh!


All-natural GMO-free ultrasound.

They cut away to this video in old timey movies during the love scene.

I found a live stream channel of train diver's view

Trash panda will not be stopped.

Raccoon Ninja Warrior 

Just wait for the mouth to mouth.

A cute puppy trained to perform CPR

That should buff right out.

Is Arizona even real?

Pavlov's horn dog.

Chaotic good?

Get a room you two!

Hugs and Licks... make it so

Lesson: life is better with booze.

Before and after drinking alcohol

Good advice!

You learn something new every day...


The story can wait...

Something is in my water....

Hyena loves bath time.

Seems legit.

You think you got skills?

The HS boyfriend she married enjoys it.

Must be something in the water. 

Trying to go to the bathroom in the morning be like...

Snake had too many eggs for breakfast, and has to regurgitate them to fit back in his hidey-hole


Trust fall with a twist

The Internet shut down after this:

Shut up and take my money

We are going to need a bigger tub of butter.

Strange Sea Creatures Part 2!

Water Bed for dogs.

"Yes, this spot will do..."

She is trying not to toot.

Your Majesty.


When you accidentally open the front facing camera.

Go ahead make fun of him.

Funny Lion Falls Into The Water

Pretty view.

Scenes of Japan, Kansai

This song is pretty METAL.

Heavy Metal

Now THAT is how you make a drink.

A completely unnecessary skill that I can not do


My GF’s sister’s cat is an idiot

Handstand, Bro!

Did you know that if a yak runs fast enough and digs his horns in the dirt, he can do a flip?

Distopian car design.

What in the world.

World Record for group headache.

Domino at Office

Hashtag TRUTH.

France GP "reactions"

It was worth it.

Just kids eating beets

Pizza apps are the greatest invention of the 21st century.

Life is hard

We wish we were ice cream.

Eating ice cream

Hope you like this tattoo.

Can you see Tattoo??

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