Lunch Break - 06.25.18 

Uncategory Jun 24, 2018 21:00

Robots taking our jobs!

When you're overqualified for the job

Roller rink on the street!

In Hot Pursuit


Methane Bubbles

Today in Weirdly Satisfying.

Wow!! Unfinished product.

Leave Owl Alone!

Morning people are the worst

The good old days!

Everybody’s screensaver by 2003

One on bottom won't run away though.

Expectation vs Reality.

Poor little guy!

When my cat wont acknowledge me

Snack time!

Excellent Teamwork

Someone needs some milk!

Kids and a puppy eating salt and vinegar chips.

Come on little buddy!

The road is not a safe place to rest, my turtle friend. 

My next car!


This should be fine.

When you and your buddy are the cause for the safety videos.

To death do us part!

Live, Laugh and Love

Then he turned water into a Coors Light.

It's all about speed

Nobody had the heart to tell him it was grill day.

Milk dog is still a good boy

Nailed it!

I can do that too


When you discover how beautiful you are.

Now here is a side story movie we would watch!

Star Wars vs Aliens

It is good to be the king!

Daily reminder capybara exist and they are friend shaped

Dolphin show is getting intense!


Bet she kept that right in her teacher desk!

Phone clearing. A dump I’m sure you’ve seen before


You just got protected AND served!

Me trying to get up in the morning.

Well that escatlated quickly

Hoola Hey Now!

Hoola Hoopla Me...

Oh that burns.

Embarrassment on live T.V.

No one had the heart to tell her that was not a dog.

Sharing and caring best culture

Not saying aliens but ALIENS.

Rock stacking at his best

Life hacks!

Slightly uncomfortable dump

What are you looking at?!

TFW you see that really odd post and aren't sure what you're looking at.

More like amusing park.

Amusement Park

He knows what happens next.


THIS is a good one!

Fifty dollars is fifty dollars

Animal cruelty!

Heck! Bamboozled again!

Life will find a way.

Jurassic Park sequel idea

He must work out.

A Hairless Chimp.

Got to get to work somehow.

This Mexican football fan taking the subway in Moscow

Sends us a postcard!

A dumpo of reposto memos o doggos

Hey lady, what's in the bag?

Men: Pretty Girl  Women: That purse does not go with that outfit.

Ya'll come back again now!

I'm a simple man. I like pretty dark haired women

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