Lunch Break - 06.23.18 

Uncategory Jun 22, 2018 21:00

Things can be sad AND funny.

I laughed way too hard at this.

He can play Master of Puppets on that thing.

All instruments can be metal

The future is now!

I 3D printed a reaction GIF

Boom goes the dynamite!

When you double tap A

A true hero.

Though I’d do a phone dump just to see what I actually find funny

Boom, SOLID.

I could lie and say I'm cleaning my phone, but this doesnt even make a dent in the over 3000 pictures I have saved.....I may have a problem.

Can't wait for winter!

The perfect coating of snow

We hope so?

True story

Who left a floater in the pool?


Dance like nobody is watching.

I too hate when I get that annoying itch in the middle of my back.


Robber chooses the wrong store


A woman being a woman

Get a room you too.


They fail up so fast.

Mom reflexes

Someone left the oven on!

The Sarychev volcano erupting in Russia, as seen from the International Space Station.

Keyboard Cat BTS

Carefully Curated Crap, Vol. 253

And Mom said wrestling moves would never come in handy.


Not if you both like fries and shakes.

My Wendy's twitter collection.


Evidence for ancient aliens finally found

Cold blooded.

Honey, what flavour did you wa-.....

Hashtag Truth!


Hey that is MY coffee cup!

Hello friend

And propane accessories?

It’s World Giraffe Day today, so here’s a meme for you people.

You too!

Just like some stuff from my phone 1


Space dump.

It was a friendship that lasted until lunchtime.

Tiger loves doggos

It checks out.

The horrible truth

That's what she said.

Even the dog and s sad

Every parent eating at a nice place.


The other team just quit.


Time for some sword play!

The single life blows, make shit instead

And then it got put in a big pile.

The dead leaf butterfly must be one of the most amazing butterflies in the world ?

Why you should always wear a helmet.

So what else did you expect?

A baby shower to remember.

These gender reveals are outta control!

Seeing Eye Human for the win!


Honk! Honk!

Don’t be an asshole.

Cat Strip Clubs? What will they think of next?

My friend won $10,000 at the casino and made it rain on her cat.

Cat bowl!


We zoned out. What happened?

Trying to be sexy! Men Vs. Women...

Seems like a fun reality show.

TIL The Contractor is 4 sexy women

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