Lunch Break - 06.22.18 

Uncategory Jun 21, 2018 21:00

Marvin likes the slushies.


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat! Cat!

Why I am in favor of animal cloning.

We missed you!

Schools are getting crowded!

HIGH School Class

Like, trippy man!

Awesome light installation

Maybe he just needs a Pepsi.

Nevermind, I decided not to riot after all.

We are going to go with aliens.

Exactly what an alien would want you to think

Go get 'em Flipper!

Aerial footage showing a dolphin using the mud ring feeding technique

When your friend is playing their music and you are not into it.

When I get talked into sitting through my girlfriend’s interpretative dance group session.

Nom! Nom! Nom!

This is a giraffe, right? Am I doing this right?

Air Bud 4 is looking tight!

Flying dog

This home makes some legit BBQ!

He's a level 1836 Texan


this baby elephant ❤️ have vertigo after he runs some birds.


Hulk Smash!!

No talking and make it really awkward.

I'll just go with Bernice

Your daily dose of DORBS.

A cute baby owl

Copy paste!

When your computer is freezing up and you're dragging a window around.

The culinary arts cannot evolve past this. This is it.

Pasta prepared in a cheese wheel

Where did he go?

Well I guess we are on our own for food

Time for some cub swimming lessons!

Mother saving her cub


this little guy got some skill !1  (next football star)

When a cloud takes a dump.

Now THATS rain – downpour over Millstaedter Lake, Austria

Would make a good franchise.

HMM.. would the world be damned or saved in this situation?

Seems legit.

wait til you see their progeny


I have made a mistake

This is how it starts!


Who says kids don't learn anything in school!?


Heeeey girl.

Tucked in

He shall be worshiped like a god.


Nothing to see here.

Somebody's watching me... 

Toddler body guards are called "Parents."

If toddlers had bodyguards

Double the fun.

Yes I do


Waited all week to post this...

You can do it!

With a little help from a human

He looked like a fun guy.

RIP Koko

Why can't we have them as pets again?

No funny title, just enjoy this cute baby giraffe


Dump 50

No eye brows left but this looks way cool.

This guy lighting his cig at the World Cup.. (He's got some SWAG)

What happened?

Sexy Lady Action Heroes

Picture 40 for the win!

Sexy Lady + Subtle Patrick = Happy User Sub? Time to find out...

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