Lunch Break - 06.20.18 

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Seems like a crazy party.

And close the door on your way out

Maybe CA can all just go to an Olive Garden in Burbank and call it a day.

Well, she tried.

Why you don't stick your head in a jar, CAT!

Rescuing a cat whose head was stuck in a glass bottle.


Make the hire, Lyndon! 

Your Daily Dose of DORBS.

Wiggle wiggle

There can be only one!


He was kicked off the Death Star but it was worth it to troll Carl.

Always Be You

But what if THAT hut burns down?

An automatic fire extinguishing system in the Japanese village.

Some people like to not eat things with a face; This guy goes in the other direction!

Eat it, or you are next

The best family is an honest family.

"Friend of of mine got this from his step daughter."

Pale Blue Dot

This view of Earth and the Milky Way from the Moon

Karma Vs Good Guy Cab Driver

Cab driver is a good guy

Poor guy would follow that line anywhere.

I had no idea 

Space war!


Don't eat the pink, but this is good to eat, right?!

Mmmmmmm, marshmallows

Super Toilet Man!

Captain Showers saves the day!

That does SNOT look good.

Most Disgusting Egg Separator


What it's like in Washington

More like Heeeeeey Man.

I like Cosplay

Here to see the show.

Makin' Babies

Try it!

5/7 doctors agree.

Stop watermelon hunting.

Where's the Outrage for this Senseless Violence.

He feels strong!

Guy lets blind girl at the gym feel his muscles

When your brother goes in the pizza box first.

They prefer eating and drinking over breathing

So we should take a look?

A warning sticker on a tabloid magazine in a doctor's waiting room.

A little tiny Lego Indiana Jones was crushed by this ball.



Unscrewing a handle in zero gravity.

Looks like that could use some lotion.

TIL about Red Cornetfish


Full English Breakfast

Great now we are going to have pirate ghost dreams.

The Ghost Ship - More Pixels


Everyday items that can be used in unusually brilliant ways

Don't park in the alley!

Collection of notes left on cars for various reasons

Damn you Penguin!

Good news and bad news

Get him in the goal!

Ready for the World Cup!

Nana wins!

Eating contest

And then they met a SHARK.

Family day at the beach

Speaking of sharks...

Great white taking out a hammerhead under an oil rig.

Flying cars are closer than you think!

An attempt was ... made.

Heeeeey girl.

So I guess were uploading hot women?

See you fellas BACK here tomorrow!

Its been a while since some hot women have been posted

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