Lunch Break - 06.19.18 

Uncategory Jun 18, 2018 21:00

Why you need to practice more!

Still not at the death stage at my age. Closer to the 27 yr old stage.

Make sure to clean up after your dirt bike.

Who's a good dirt bike? He is...
Would you like to go for a ride?

Your daily dose of DORBS.

The most essential of hiking equipment

As long as it got backed up.

Damn Linda

When you started a bobsled team but forgot snow and the sled.

One human isn't enough


Did someone say free food?

We'd look forward to it!

Deadpool Cameos

When you walking all slow so everyone can get a pic.

Life long friends

That's a good boy!

Wait for it. Then wait for it. And then wait for it again.

They tricked us into going outside. Never again!


Don't get him started on the airplane.

The baby didn't even realize it happened.

He was there in spirit!

A group of Mexican fans came to Russia with a cardboard photo of the friend whose wife didn’t let him go.

Hope he had a fun pillow fight.

The best prank ever pulled on me

It checks out.

For more information please reread.

We would never leave the house.

I finally caught it! Oh wait.. I caught it again!

Putting the tattle in tattletale.

Little Snitch


Majestic owl takes flight!

Foxy lady!

Aloy and Fox - Horizon Zero Dawn Cosplay by fenixfatalist

Never going to happen.

I know that feel bro

This episode of House Of Cards kind of hit it on the nose.



That escalated quickly...

A BOOM, solid.

Sparing a thought for the unfortunate of this world


What happens to the air inside a balloon when it bursts at 60,000fps

A Dad beaching himself.

My dad is also majestic

These two KNOW!

holy shit

That's a good boy!

A hero cop was spotted...

Speaking of stretchy pants.

Mrs incredible indeed



Too late!

We try not to sexualize garlic bread.

Good job!

For the love of God give it whatever it wants...


"My 9 year old daughter thought she was funny. Made me some Brownies for Father's Day."

Boomerang bird!

I'll never let go!

Can I pee on the rug?

Can I pee in the sink?

Pricey view!

Amazing view

Can't keep this fluff ball locked up!

Super Fluff


A Good Boy's 21st Birthday

Not a fan of weddings.

Ring bearer is ready for nap time

Hey now!

Eva Mendes Hot!!!!

What you call some FACE time.

♪♫ I see pretty girls everywhere I go.. ♫♪

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