Lunch Break - 06.16.18 

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Everyone knows robots eat old people's pills.

I am not a robot.

Maybe he just hates the ground.

learn to dig could be hard

Cannon ball!

join the pool party

It's like 4D!


That is just what the coach tells everyone.

This is a 6'10'' (208 cm) 12 year old 

Dog has life figured out.

When you want to go for a walk but it's raining

Garfield was told here was going to be lasagna.

WTF are those?

That's what she said;

Just put it...put in my mouth...


When your dad is the train driver

Happy Father's Day!

I too enjoy enjoy meeting new coworkers when they are still full of energy and enthusiasm.

Didn't see this trick play coming.

Good boy decides he wants to take infield practice

The hills are ALIVE.

We live in a beautiful world!!

Imagine this is beer and pretzels.

Shes livin in her own Heaven


It’s my cakeday so, here is the first thing i favorited

The Pillow Warrior comes prepared!

When it's time for bed and you put on The Joy of Painting

The wink at the end seals his fate:

You're home early

Get yourself a door handle that purrs.

Fancy Doorknobbins

The old seventh inning stretch.

True Romance

Open your mouth!

wednesday night comic

Meanwhile I can't stand on a surfboard.

Surfers catching waves from a floating dock in Bali, Indonesia.

When you have nine lives you take some risks.

This cat has no fear

Right in the feels.


I'm Dabman.

Dab on them


Small Dump of Old Crap That Makes Me Smile (20)

Pretty sure Dr. Thunder got an online medical degree:

There’s a difference

Whatever gets ya to work on time.

abort mission



Tickle party!

lil belly rubs for sleepy birb


No way... I'll starve first.

A BOOM. Solid.


Every little tug helps.

He’s helping


Dump for Drew 36.3

Nature you crazy.

Leatherback sea turtle


See till last few magic tricks

To be this happy.

Same same


Sculpture by the very talented Chinese sculpturer Lou Li Rong

When you know the camera is on you.

For just five cents a day.....

Cover your ears!

"Wow, must suck to be that guy!  Haha, wow yea that's gotta be like 12 kilometers aw---"

Nice cat!

People like sexy women right?


My Women Crush This Wednesday. Whats yours ?

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