Lunch Break - 06.15.18 

Uncategory Jun 14, 2018 21:00

With you for life.

Dump before I format my hard-drive!

Just here waiting for her to miss, like...

Mailboat jumpers are a time-honored Lake Geneva tradition

Still good!

You gotta have Faith

Back in my day we had to do drugs for this sort of thing.

The trauma.

And then he flew away with the souls of children.

Black and chestnut eagle

Well this is just filthy.

1st Cake Day Assorted Gif Dump

First they will pretend to be our friends.

Emoto robot can turn a smartphone into your AI friend

Glad to see Michael Phelps getting work.

Suit Up!

Wake up!

how to wake up your friend

When she get out of the shower and ya slap her butt.

I knew the moment that I slapped this statue in the butt, that I’d hit rock bottom.

You can see the resemblance.

god damit, mother!!

When you are here, you are here.

A bot to watched over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials and then wrote a commercial of its own

Eat popcorn, lady!

When you concentrate on something..

Face: meet ground.

doing fine

Hey now!

Domino cosplay

Dolphin break.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii

Playing some cos.

Ciri Cosplay


How to get rich in the US

Your daily dose of DORBS.

"I like this human."

We'll get it on the way back.

How do this people get a job?


Bun drop reversed.

We have all had THOSE kind of nights.

Another successful drunk cat adoption.

Trolling hunters, LOL.

Man finds a taxidermy in the middle of the forest

Guess she doesn't have to worry about college.

Nice cruise through the city

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Thirsty squirrel


Why I watch Korean Baseball

Swim little one and be free!

I must go, my dolphins need me


Manager > Supervisor > Me

Back in my day...


When she wants to get frisky but hasn't shaved her legs in weeks.

Thigh High Thursday Gratuitous legs akimbo shot!

The worst.

Blocking Foul - The Opposing Team Punts

That is called a Breatharian. Look it up.

That's how that works, right, Vegans?

When you get behind a bicyclist on your way to work.

Ride like superman

Lunch time!

Please remember to have your dog’s rear brakes checked regularly.

You had us at Kung Fury.

Kung Fury Barbarianna Cosplay by Lulu-Nyan at Dokomi 2018

Knows exactly what he is doing.

Damn what a cute little fella

Honk! Honk!


DEEP thoughts.

Nasa KNEW why didn't I?

Something fishy is going on with these two.

Grab your rod

She seems nice.

There are too many pictures of sexy women.

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