Lunch Break - 06.14.18 

Uncategory Jun 13, 2018 21:00

Aw, don't take Nana's Pall-Malls away!

Quit Smoking

The ending of this will make you cringe!

Waze, summed up in a gif.

This guy is going on a big heist!

Dog level 5000: Achieved

When you find out you live in a simulation.

Something's not right....

Please stop doing that.

The face says it all.

When you get what you deserve!

Animal dump

Who wants a hug!?

“I’m totally hugging you man!” I met Mike Colter last weekend.

Hopefully he got the codes in time.

Camouflage level over 1000

The old guy who has to pee thinks this is awesome.

How long to find a restroom in a British pub

There can be only one.

Dumpity dump dump dump

RIP Carl.

And he was never seen again...

Putting the DO IT in Do It Yourself.

Decided to hop on this whole YouTube help bandwagon


NFL kicker Graham Gano played kickball with his kids

Not sure why this is a thing, but cool.

Pro shirt switchers

Seven years bad AAAAH!

mirror, mirror on the wall

You should see his dog.

Going for a walk

Wait, why were SAIL CARS never a thing?

India tests first driverless vehicle in mumbai


Catwoman - Julie Newmar

If you ever wondered who is preparing your food.

The Ultimate Garlic Peeler

If ball sweat could travel back through time.

When your ball sweat makes a remarkable journey

Normally dogs play fetch with balls, now a ball who plays fetch.

Round doggo


Obstacle course is no obstacle

Did he put a ring on a robot?

Unique proposal box

And then the Porta-Potty fell on top of the Wicked Witch of Poop

Such a beautiful day at the park

Tickle torture!


My McDonald's had booths in a little train for parties and looking back that was not as great as it seemed.

There was a time before pokemon existed

But going much faster:

Me: I need to sleepMy mind


Police brutality 

He must be hungry.


Now THIS is how you beat Super Mario 3!

Listen carefully

You will have plenty of time for rolling doobies when you're...

Living in a van down by the river.

Making having no arms a way to really mess kids up for the win!

Its my cakeday, this is the first thing I faved

Probably not:

Small white people twitter dump

This one is a thinker.

Delicious mushroom soup

Be aware of what your kids are into:

We all tried Z3d at one point in our life..

This mouse has some sick escape moves!

This is drama of the mouse


Peekaboo! (Gif with sound)

So his bullets are people in his world?

Banana man in a banana mech with a banana gun and a banana clip

Found 'em.

Sexy Pokemon cosplay for the gents and ladies!

Oh hi!

just 2 sexy ladies

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