Lunch Break - 06.12.18 

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Never know, he could be into this sort of thing. I mean his parents clearly want to watch.

Oh boy...

You will never be this happy. Sad.

Meeting the new puppy for the first time

These two party HARD.

"My son is staying at my parents for a few days. My mom sent me this photo."

I think we are going to need a bigger bathtub.

Yo dawg, we heard you like space...

Your daily does of DORBS.

This guy helping a stray cat drink water from a public fountain.

The revolution was short lived when they found a trashcan to knock over.

"Excuse me... I have a plan"

Go home and call me when you remember how to bear.

Vicious bear attack

This guy gets a raise.

Employee of the year???

And then comes the meltdown.

Random Dump for Your Morning Dump

Why you should always wear a helmet.


At least he won't have to worry about kids later in life.


Time is like a circle, man.

Charlie Chaplin: Inventor of memes

Driver could probably fit his whole head in there.

Glorious Dump: Take me there, Imgur! Some old, some new, a dump of reports for me and you.

Makes no sense: if everyone already died in the first book, who is left for the sequel?

When does the 3rd one come out?! Lol


Look at those tails!

Did he not get a good asking price?

Roses are red, I can't use my fist

This is the animal equivalent of putting your dog in a baby carriage.

Orangutans will mother anything.

Joe Camel knows what he is doing.

When you finally decide to talk to a girl...

Raise your hand if you thought they were talking about something else.

Vintage (and generally sexist) advertisment dump

Happy thoughts.

Creepy Facts

Vikings doing a solid.

A great deed

The more you know!

Here’s some space stuff to help you waste some time at work!

That should buff right out.

Early Morning Wake-up call

We have the technology.

And then it takes over the world...

Almost makes us want to get off of the couch.

Pure joy.


ADT guy said that my current security system was useless, but cuddly

Well, hello.


Always gross when the dog eats a leprechaun and you have to pull out a rainbow.

Unicorns aren't the only things that poop rainbows...

When a win becomes a FAIL.

Yes yes yes yes nooooo!


Scissor me timbers!


A great way to avoid falling on the train

Prove it.

I can deal with a fake smile

Telling it like it is!

Brutal af 

Getting back for all those Christmas Trees.

When trees attack...

When Deadpool Started his own hate group.

Classic Deadpool 

Must be the new Paranormal Activity movie.

Squirrel + dog = bad

Seems safe.

A most effective weapon

More like WATCH OUT for that WHALE!

What lies beneath...

Niiiice? Yeah, niiiiiiice.

Gorgeous redhead girl Leanna Decker

Going to take her forever to paint that wall.

This girl... Is.. Sooo gorgeous! I would wife her if it was possible. (i'm a girl too)

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