Lunch Break - 06.09.18 

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Well, we know what we are doing on Sunday.

I customized a NERF Rival blaster to shoot a 1,000 rounds of ammo

Boom! Solid.

Friend asks our waitress "What time do you get off?" She replies "Usually just after I climb into bed" then walks away.

The weapons of mass destruction were right in front of us all along!

An Absolute Fucking Unit.

A Classic.

What are the odds?

The new Jurassic World is really adding some new twists for the franchise.

20 minutes after my aunt told cousin to behave at her sister's wedding.

There is a girl in my soup!

What a time to be alive



Access granted.

‘I accept’

Now THAT looks like fun.

He identifies as dog.

This kid is ready to go pro.

taking out the competition 

Tax time again?!

Dad Tax 

What part of "keep off" don't you understand?

old man strength 

Turning on the news like "oh wtf now?"


Give him an egg and he will never be bored.


Rules are rules.

Pawsword please...

Nom- nom!

I herd you liek mudkipz

There is a reason he ran away.

A year after he went missing, he was turned into a local animal shelter. Nothing's changed!

Hashtag Truth.

"MRW my boss asks me to welcome the new hire and tell him how great it is here."

The CGI artists did the same thing with Jar-Jar.

Pranks can go too far.

Porn? Never heard of it.

When you’re done fapping and come to your senses about the porn you picked to watch

These guys are going to go on mad adventures.

Golden Retrievers help toddler escape at night

Put this in VR so we can ride it!

Hot Wheels GoPro with jump & loop

Somehow both futuristic and old fashioned at the same time.

Saudi drone fashion show

He tossed a big bag of NOPE.

WTF mate? - that croc probably

"Don't relate to this at all." Looks the other way.


Share the road? As in cause accidents just like a car.


When a rocket scientist tries his best.

Problem solving 101

It was a team effort.

It's my cakeday so have my all time favorite post

Might want to take him to the X-Men.


Your daily dose of DORBS.

SO Cute Cat 

That's not something you see everyday.

‪The Last Jedi - Director’s Cut‬

Right in the feels.

Rescued duckling reunited with parents

Anyone that has been a cashier knows this one:

I love "generic retail store"

Something ain't right with that boy.


Ant farm!

I too am amazed when I see alien scientists disguised as humans disembarking their craft to further study humanity.

Good guy FTW!

Good Guy DHL Driver

When you are the only one into the song at the club.

May some memes never die

In the future this GIF will be considered inappropriate after the war:


They need to add this guy to the MCU!

Lighting a firework where the sun don't shine

Hey now!

Hey thats what Im talkin...whoa...hey come on now, what?

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