Lunch Break - 06.08.18 

Uncategory Jun 07, 2018 21:00

Life will find a way.

Sneak peek at the new Jurassic World movie. How do they make the dinosaurs look so real? 


This is America

Need a lift?

Bring your Pupper to Work Day

I will drink a cup! I will drink a cup of pup!


We have come a long day since the days of Knights.

I challenge you to a duel of the table tops!

This checks out.



The difference between brothers and sisters.


Most Costume Change Illusions by an Individual in 60 Seconds

When you acting like it's not, but it's still in ya mouth.

Did you steal a carrot?

Going in for the fail.

Basic v Treadmill... A Tale as Old as Time 

"THE OFFICE" floorplan.

Popular television show floor layouts

This is total continuity.


Oh duck!

The only thing you need right now

When the summer heat starts to get you like:

The warmest time of the year​ and the refrigerator is the coldest place.

They need to reboot Clifford and give him a kick ass backstory.

Kids these days.

Need to get him a scooter!

Simple awesome

When the noodle slips off your fork.

Catch me if you can

He likes long walks on the beach.

Sea Walk

Looks like one hell of a movie!

Ahh the memories

This truck comes with four wheel drive, air, and a full garden.

Osaka mini truck garden contest

Imagine taking a shower in that!

The Vortex Fountain at Canberra Airport, Australia

Best part was cutting off the bottom of the jeans when they got nasty.

90s kid dump. Just for fun.

When she hit the right spot.

Happy face


When you're trying to show a guy you're interested

Nobody thought to dig under them sooner?

The Easter Island heads have detailed bodies.

Stevie Wonder's dog loves the rain.

Drip-drop nom-noms

Best buds.

The perfect training partner.

Still waiting for it to rain in Los Angeles like Blade Runner promised.

The future is now

When you stick it in, and nothing comes out.

Always check your gas pump

At dawn we ride!

Pupper taking his horse friend for a stroll

Drinking and cheating at Monopoly was a way of life!

That's why Grannie's "grape juice" smelled funny.

Pretty much.

When you're old on the outside but still young on the inside

Don't try this with Mickey Mouse.

This made me cry with laughter...

She is ready for the next Avengers movie.

Taekwondo talent

She should have been talking on an Apple.

Shouldn't jump on a scale like that.

Millennial cats be like: what? No Avocado?

Dumppity doo da

Can we get this for pizza?

Real life recycling

Got to make sure you can get that $5 coffee.

Coffee is life

We have never been to a wild party like this:

If you could only pick one?

She is going to PUMP you up!

Strong women are sexy.

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