Lunch Break - 06.06.18 

Uncategory Jun 05, 2018 21:00

1,2,3 and down the hatch!


She is pretty smart.

That is pretty dumb.

When you want a bite of your friends ice cream.

Mrw I see something creepy in usersub an upvote it

We'll have what she is having.

That's nice .. wait,what?

Anywhere is a good place to have a pint!

Meanwhile in Germany

Boom goes the dynamite!

Mom made an underhanded shot from half-court and got her daughter half-off her tuition.

Welcome to the future.

heelo imager. I am grate artiste.

The full cast of Reading Rainbow.




That is just the devil playing tricks on us.


We tried this with a leaf and it didn't work. FAKE.

Too cute

Word association: DAAANG.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

What if a dog dancing is the thing pissing you off?

Don’t stop the beat!

A true Jedi Master.

He had the power of the force in a different way!


I just had too.

Never know, burglar could be allergic to Cheetos.

When you got a weak password

He had his suspicions though.

Today I learned

When they tell you to let it sit for a few after it is in the microwave.


Nature will find a way.

Wonder if she will ask for a maternity test

Weird, he had the same dream.

When she had a dream that you cheated on her

Nature break:

The Seven Sisters waterfalls

Or leave gaps in traffic causing more traffic.

I'd chose another word but yeah, so true.

And more bloody!

Yippie-Ki-Yay, ya filthy animal!

Oooh yeah, that's the spot!

Scritch my butt, mom!

Meat Spin!!

"Hey, anybody knows how this thing works?"

Now THAT is a bidet.

You know what I mean by the caption.

Heeey girl!

I’m in love - birb

Belly flop!

The perfect swan dive.


Murder and Assassination

Your daily dose of DORBS.

Dog mama and her baby

We have the technology!

Butter spreader

When Grandma don't GAF anymore.

Party at my place

Snack time!

Oh nooo!

Looks like someone needs some freedom.

I’m so sorry

Always wear your helmet even when not riding this.

I get the feeling that biker gangs in the future will be somewhat less intimidating.

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

Guess what this good boy is getting for Christmas!

Free haircut!

When your selfie is literally fire

When does the next ship leave?

Dreams of Space

This guy just won the summer!

Epic PhotoBomb

She can't believe how stretched out her shirt got in the laundry.

Hot girls

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