Lunch Break - 06.05.18 

Uncategory Jun 04, 2018 21:00

Nobody reacts like this when I am shirtless.

From Australia, with love.

Right in the feels.

Father returns from a year overseas to surprises his son on graduation day.


Me trying to impress the girls at the pool

Works with men too.

It's my cakeday, so here's one of the first things I favorited

The Pro Jenga league is really heating up.

Extreme jenga

Got to keep up a strong Insta game.

Dads n dogs

Guess the weatherman has been wrong for a long time.

Dino Flipbook

Fur pillow.

Cat sleeps on a dog bed.

This Halloween candy is on point.

"Here...Hold my candy thermometer..." - Pastry chef probably

What you're saying is that there is a chance.

I'm sorry Michelle.

That is going to leave a mark.

Walk it off

Like a boss?


Me in the morning:

They give out free "pup cups" with a small amount of whipped cream...

Still will cost you $25 for the action figure.

Whoever did this, we about to have some words.

It is 2018: this is what gates should look like.

It’s never too late for a fancy gate

At least it will make a great soup.

"My dad said I’m an impulse buyer, but I think buying a baby duck from a tractor store that thinks I’m it’s mom was a great idea."


Onward Buttercup, there's fuckery to spread.

Cat eggs are the best.

Cats for your Monday morning

When Flipper flips you off.

I'm always happy to see them and I love it when they come over to hang out


How to get murdered by your wife in one simple step

Maybe he is over doing it.

They see us rollin'

When the fluff from under the couch cushions comes to life.


Trying to act chill when the pilot announces "turbulence."

Acrobatic Aviatrix Svetlana Kapanina

Should be fine.

Whoopsie daisy

When you lose one pound after eating garbage all year.


Don't put the water if we can't jump in it!

....and this is why your father is banned from Putt-Putt Golf and Games.


Anyone know where I can find a list of the songs in these playlists?

Who uses pens anymore? They probably think it's artwork.



MRW I start seeing someone new and I accidentally like one of their Instagram pictures from more than a year ago

Literally: now the car has eyes and can talk.

After 30 years, two brothers return to Chernobyl to find an old friend waiting for them. 

At least they made it upstairs.

A typical day in Texas

Best part of wearing a helmet; free snack when you arrive at your destination.

oh shite

He ate the frog.

It was hot today.

That's a bad birdie!

He looks sufficiently ashamed.

Cat bowl!

If I fit

The moment little Timmy became a lion hunter.

Ahh, nature

Whatever works.

Flattering photos

Time for a walk!


We need to start doing Yoga.

Acrobatic yoga

Shirts vs Skins!

Sit on a basketball with no pants on, they said. It will be sexy, they said.

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