Lunch Break - 06.04.18 

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Yeah but he probably eats his own poop, so it's a wash.

Welcome to my happy place

This cabinet is next level.

My corner cabinet submission for your pleasure


Be careful when making assumptions

Hopefully was a discount hit-man.

No wonder he hired a hitman

When you forgot how fat you got.

"No 'ifs'; I intend on fitting!"

How do you think they get to the pond everyday?

Meanwhile in England ...

This makes more sense with a flashback and a voice over.

Abs crafted by Michelangelo.

Fair is fair.

A rainbow six dump of 40 pics

He just wants to be left alone to read his books!

Not Acting...

Should get "The Club" for your house.

Makes me feel better about where I live.

They call this "The Goldilocks Crew."

“Find friends you can look up to”

Rubber ducky you're the one!

Kitty loves bath time

Time to move!

And I don't have a cat: London Edition

Medical technology is incredible these days.

Father of four hears silence for the first time

Why we would never win the race.

Spectator knows what people REALLY want after running a marathon.

Aqua-man: the ocean!

Welcome to Spider Man tranport service.

This post is filthy because my mind just got blown.

Look at my ball...

We are all going to Hell.

Old but gold

When you get your new toy, nothing is getting in your way.

Everythings fine

For the win!

A 5/7 type of a save!

Here is something inspirational that we won't follow.

#StayUp some Friday motivation for you

Trying to learn something new.

That look of complete and utter incomprehension.



Creepy: everyone is looking at each other and not their phone.

Awesome New York City Subway Photos circa 1970s and 1980s

Just giving a reverse hug.

Nope never again


Cake day mini Donut Day Dump!

That app is the best.

This always makes me laugh

Now drink the pint while doing the string dance.

Conan at a pub in Belfast yesterday.

Fooled you!

I got you bro!!


Mendocino Motor

Some advanced hand work.


He almost found the drugs but then it was nap time.

Still a good boy!

Just a pile of kittens to cleanse the pallet from all that filth.

This gif is a little fuzzy

We will go to whatever planet she is from.

Still needs a car though.

Like, what do you see man?

The coolest/funniest stuff I've found on Imgur

Could be a fire fight?

Why are firemen wearing bulletproof vests? Lol

Show this comic to your pregnant wife and then DUCK.

Favorite doggybag comic

Always wondered how these things worked!

And it’s outta the park...

Eyes down here!

so much sexy ..

Whatever kind of cosplay you're into!

Roger and Jessica

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