Lunch Break - 06.02.18 

Uncategory Jun 01, 2018 21:00

Someone hit the wine bar way too hard at lunch.

Hit and Run Tourism in Venice - Italy 

The judges give her a 10!

Feet? Hands? Whichever

Frank would crush it.

Please amen goodnight

When ya got to toot real bad.


That face when ya done messed up.

This guy exactly killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

When he says he knows how to juggle his balls.


Spite for the win!

The house

When you are not ready for your summer body yet.

Good boy has a bad time

What if you are looking at this post in 2028?



Now THIS is living your best life...

Yeah he probably knew.

He knew.

Next work on the mustache.

portoguese mother

New Star Wars movie looks legit.

Damascus Goat

Well, this is a downer.



Don't upvote sexy girls, upvote Cheesecake.

Right in the feels.

8-year-old boy asked his mom to stop the car so he could help a woman up the stairs.

Oh gees.

Loki Loki Loki...

Great, now Tesla has developed money shot technology.

some things you can only do in a Tesla

Lot's of free Metallica songs though, am I right?

The Memories

WHO are you looking at?

little owl

It is the small victories.

Tossing Discs

Living his best life.

Nic Cage

Oh you fancy.

Dog dance

Yeah, something tells us logic isn't going to work.


Kill off the character of "Rosanne" and we can all watch "JACKIE" - She get with Dan.


Lettuce over here and DGAF.


Hell yeah, brother!

Dumpty dump

Can't tell if here to protect or take over the world.

Behold my powers,virgin level 9000



A boo, SOLID.


Casper loves this school despite it's problems.


Little Man has a future on the dance floor.

Here who can dance like me

A bucket of wings would hit the spot right now.

It hot!

BEES! Bees in the car! They are huge and they sting like crazy!

Childhood ruined lol

He graduated from kindergarten that day and went on to pick his foot at a 4th grade level.


Somewhere the Looney Tunes are getting ideas.

Anvil floating in mercury

Whatever, we can do that.

Just in case you are having a bad day

What a cock.

Corgi starts a fight

Gonna go ahead and say it: nice tats.

Tattoo Girls,sexy or not?

I'd be lion if I said this wasn't a greaaaat pick.

Sexy Redhairs - Cintia

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