Lunch Break - 05.31.18 

Uncategory May 30, 2018 21:00

Never forget.

Killing tens of thousands of mosquitoes with trap

Jabba the Hutt will get it from him.

It’s too late.

Always knew fortune cookies were spying on me, how else did they know about that special occurrence in my life next week?

Misfortune cookie

Oh no she didn't!


He did it for the kisses.

Husky stuck on roof thanks firefighter who rescued him

Go home, car, you're not a truck.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands

When ya know she a freak. Nice.

That escalated quickly

Now you can Uber your kids until they are 18.

Funny Random Meme Dump

Buy a cemetery plot, you two!

Best Friend.

That time of night when the club starts to get filthy.

The kind of life I want to be living

You don't want to be at the pool when she decides to trim the hedges.

Never swim in a public pool again

All I see is blood.

Cool flipbook

Why you need a pasta purse like Charlie.

How it feels to buy popcorn and soda at the theater.

Wait, where did it go? No really.

The Cat and the Magic Trick

He has a point.

The Realist

Looked up "epic" in the dictionary and it was just this GIF:

When your mate takes a nap at the game

Her first poop as a human had to feel weird.

It’s my very first cake day!!

Your daily dose of DORBS.

I will always protect you, tiny human

His kid loves this joke.

Just a simple meme farmer with a bountiful harvest. Taxes included pt2

When you drop a Doritos and it magically disappears on the floor.

Where did he go?

Oh snap, now they have guns?!

GoT season 8 is about to get f*cking serious.

The few, the proud, the brave.

I have a very particular set of skills..

We all have a purpose.

Just Another Day At The Office

When they open the Shakey's pizza buffett.

Foxes getting their lunch.

Steam it up and won't be a problem.

A repost

You know they have automatic doors now?

I can do this too..

Correct. Would watch.

The most important thing you'll see all day:

With the PDA!

What are you looking at? 

Oooooh SNAP!

Multiversal Burn!

Haha, because the car is not available on this level:

You need to be Lvl 5 to unlock this

Would do more cosplay but I am way too lazy; this guy nailed it!

Milking memes for cosplay instead of upvotes

Wet T-shirt contest of the bird world.


Japan FTW!

The Note In Japanese Says, "I Accidentally Knocked Over Your Bike And Broke The Bell. I Am Very Sorry"

Been eating salad but could slide into a meat lovers pizza right now.

Funny As Hell Gym Memes That Will Motivate You To Workout With A Smile.

They knew what they were doing.

Also, those prices look outrageous

Sweet, so they can download how to use a weapon, Matrix style.

Google, you stop doing that!

We looked up "comfy" in the dictionary and it was just this:

This Woman Knits Giant Masterpieces

It can fight back.

"I shall have my revenge!"

Looks refreshing!

She love it

He took her word for it on who won.

It was a very good match.

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