Lunch Break - 05.28.18 

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This is a painting job we could get behind.

Combo Photos by Stephen McMennamy



They gone, son!



Welcome to NYC


take that you ....

Dude, that's not a "sex scene" - you are watching a porno with your dad.

Just a peacefully quiet dump

Parent truth.

Warning: cring

Clear our schedules!

I too enjoyed the simpler games of my youth before computers and smartphones.

Wise words of advice.

Help Yourself

Pain is only an illusion.

I got you bro

What's in the box?!

If I fit

Monkey thief!

Watch your back...

Well then pick yourself up by your bootstraps!

Who's a good boy?

Duck, duck, no really DUCK!

Ducks waiting for the signal to cross

Totally doing this, CARL!

How to help your friend quit smoking

When "are we there yet" turns into "get me the F out!"

Why just just why

Now the bears are mad at him.

Why can't people do your job

He would have gotten it to if it wasn't for those damn kids.

The Great Chase

Happy brother's day!

1, 2, 3!

I thought we were supposed to spend more time with our family and not work so hard? Crap.

That would have been horrible

If that was a pizza, we would have a problem.

Bro dont eat my snail

I don't agree with any of this.

Me irl

This cost him $40 an hour.


Yeah but can they 3D print a teleportation device.

3D Printed Bajoran Orb from Star Trek, with magnetic levitation

Awwwwww, Hold on. Awwwwww.

Sweet dreams

Tonight we feast!

When The Godfather arrives for dinner.

Right in that smug face!

Self-Induced Startling

So he can always remember his order.

Dump: Chinese Character Tattoos That Make No Sense

How to take an MF out!



Carefully Curated Crap, Vol. 241

They are totally going to stop Thanos.


'Merica needs to get to work on this:

If you ever find yourself in Austria, what can you expect to be eating from street food vendors?

Gonna take that risk.

Found comment gem.

Wait for it...

This is fine.

After all that, let's hope!

Some memes I guess


This boy grew his hair out from 4-12 years old to donate, and ignored the bullies

Hand hug!

Don’t let go!

This should be everywhere!

Zoo Tiger-o-war

What is REALLY in lemon water.

Sexy Girls 2015 Part 1 -

Sure but when I try this, nobody donates money!

College girls rowing team strip for charity

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