Lunch Break - 05.26.18 

Uncategory May 25, 2018 21:00

Great, now dogs need body cams!

Tactical dog helmets. The future is now.

How to make your celebrity stalking seem neat.

"How does this guy keep finding me?!"

He never did give him his nose back.

Dentist shows off his magic tricks.

Nom nom nom.

Funny Random Meme Dump

Heeeey girl.

Please feel free to pet me

When she take too much off the tip.


Let's start the Anti-Oxygen movement.

The more you know.

Gonna need lotion for that burn.


Always goes with "you too" - never fails.

This is why I usually use the self-checkout

Angry old guy 101.

Bad Advice Mallard

THAT is what I am eating everyday the rest of my life?

Such a good boy!

We found the bug Avengers.

Never skip leg day.

All the feels.

Small good dump

Hurry up and finish your milk, CAT.

In case you were having a bad day

We suddenly have a hankering for some bread.

Scientific method to check the freshness of the bread

Your daily dose of dorbs.

Statistically most of the users here are male, so here's a cute female taking a bubble bath.

So much happiness and heartburn.

Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets with Honey and Sriracha Dip (Gif Recipe)

At least he died happy.

I care.

Go to Target to get a real bathing suit.

Failure but you wing it to victory !!

Nobody, especially his penis was expecting this.

Wait for it

The person on the other end can't understand him either though.

Cellphone Call Privacy Gets Extreme

Someone wants a tummy rub!

Come on, little buddy! You can do it!

Seems warm and cozy.

Castle Stalker, Scotland

Do those helmets come with airbags?

BELL saved my life

Real life horror stories.


Win or Fail? You decide!

That's settled.

Time to feel old and horny!


Sounds good!

un-American haircut style


Oh dear...

Elmer Fudd gonna make some stew.

Rabbit gets a reprieve...almost!

I am Groot!

3D Printing Baby Groot

Dad joke for the win.

Cringe alert

Serious question: mermaid or reverse mermaid?

I had the opportunity recently to help out a photographer friend and live one of my childhood dreams of being a mermaid. I’m pretty happy with the results and thought you all would like to see too :)

Hopefully that is not an invitation.

Let’s all guess which state this is in

Whatever gets the job done!

The level of bluntness required from a girl for me to realize she's coming on to me

Rock hug!

The Rock, Auli'i Cravalho bring true chemistry to 'Moana'



IT Clown of the animal kingdom.

found a land crocc

She gave herself bunny ears!

Sexy Cute Filipina Girls

Next level role playing.

Oh please, just this once...

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