Lunch Break - 05.25.18 

Uncategory May 24, 2018 21:00

No! Don't kill Van Wilder!

Dead pool

The best kind of salad.

Just a humble, little, unassuming dump. Happy Tuesday.

She all done grown up.

Have a great wednesday imgurians

He had it coming.

The artwork of Steven Rhodes

DONUT disturb.

Wait for it ... Meep Meep.

Waiting for the sun to come out like...

Pig brothers are watching the rain out of the window, I was always fan of the rain.

That only happens in movies.

Reunited siblings

That's NOT a rainbow.

This Giant Whale Squirts A Rainbow

What we look like trying to swim.

Loves the water, but does not know how to he's stuck in the kiddie pools.

Also doubles as an air bag.


"Are the Russians the ones that keep putting porn on my email?"

Tech Support

Today in super satisfying.


He's got a gun!

Everybody have some great powers.. But doggo have great smelling power..

Don't think he will have enough.

Shopping for beer.

What a cock.

Chicken shaming

But we get to learn about Uranus.

No title needed

City of a Thousand Lights

Evening sight seeing

And then he pooped on the bed.

Girl wanted a puppy for years, so boyfriend suprised her with one!

Don't ask him why they really call him "Snowball."

Beautiful boy.

Truth hurts.

Don't you do it.

Fail for the win!

He lost a few brain cells that day

Doggy back ride!

Senior Dog Becomes Single Dad to Brood of Nine Orphaned Baby Ducks

This guy needs a hamster.

Florida man?

Break it up!

Dogs are good people

Hi me.

Strange but true lol

Sounds like a plan that might just work.

Naked sleepers etiquette : 101

A plan we can all get under.

Give em the ol bean-dip while you're at it

The meow that shook the ground.

Cat found a new home

Lovers in the night.


That will cost another $200.

Even more random crap.

One two three and down the hatch!

Guy gets beaten at the game of drink

When they announce there is free food in the break room.

It's not like a bunny can go savage

Not saying it is aliens, but it is aliens.

Baby Chameleons

Found a new universe today.

Fun with Inertia

Snow plow? Where we are going we don't need a snow plow.

Shut up and take my money

That is a BIG dog.

It’s just a prank bro

I'm out of here!

Someone doesn't want to work here anymore

If this is not in the next Olympics we have failed as a society.

Oh man, sign my ass up! 

Nice tats!

Can you see Tattoo??

Where is the pool?!

Ready for summer

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