Lunch Break - 05.24.18 

Uncategory May 23, 2018 21:00

Someone tried to put their penis in this and the ER had to cut it off (the wrench.)

This is NOT a cock ring, but same result...

It just got back from the future.

charging NOKIA 3310 with one million volts

We actually just thought of Hawaii as a giant volcano.

He's right you know...


Eeee Heeeeeeee

This means something totally different in whale language.


The easiest hunt all day.

Seriously thought it was a decoy

Schrodinger's Rube Goldberg Machine

This is fucking awesome!

Maybe they have those car boats?

It’s that time of year again. Idiot season

Guess this is what the kids are into these days.

Cool effect

In 'Merica our stoplights have a lottery too: if you make it through the red light you win!

Can...can we get this?

Just kidding!

"Chill guys, it's just a prank"

Today in strangely soothing.

Marshmallow Birb

Self service.

"I'll do it myself, thanks"

Said no guy ever.

Made everyone in the tattoo shop tear up.

One dude always had the spaceship.

When you have that one clippership you used to scout the seas with alongside your legion of laser-toting hoverbots

Best buds.

"Nice to meet you!"

Air view of my butt hole after taco Tuesday.

I too enjoy peaking into the pot to see how my chili is doing.

Catch for the win!

Baseball fan catches a line drive barehanded while wearing a GoPro

Nature you crazy!

See you

Today in DORBS.

Baby Elephant Bath Time

The Judge let her prove in court that her exotic dancer outfit didn't expose her lady bits as was against the law.

"I'll allow it..."

"Get away from her, you bitch!"

"Activate Defense Mode!"


Random MeeMee Dump

Hello Clarice.

Dog nearly shits the bed

The next time mainstream "scientists" say dinosaurs went extinct, show them this.

This guy actually caught an alligator snapping turtol...

Found a stray and took him home.


He is listening to SLAYER!

"One more coffee" Birb said...

Not all heroes wear capes.

Don’t worry, IMGUR. I’ll still be able to shit post from my apartment.

All the feels.


Right there, yeah.....

I too enjoy a good stress relieving scalp massage.

Looks fun.

Hey, wanna see my giant balls?

Homeless hamsters.

Cuddling by the fire


This guy knows no fear

This is some Batman villain origin story stuff right here.

When Karma hits you back... *sigh*

Kermit really has some dark stuff to work through with Grover.

Smol Dump

Daily Dorbs part 2.

Cute parade

We have the technology.

Phone clearing Dump part: The First

Don't pretend like ya'll don't know who this is.

She looks familiar

Bet you didn't even notice the Spiderman crawling up here leg.

Look out, here comes the Spiderman!

She thought she felt a kick.


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