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Lunch Break - 05.23.18 

Uncategory May 22, 2018 21:00

Child Services loves this joke.



To battle!


Kitten found some friends

Surf bro!

Look at him go!!

Too soon!

Would fit nice on my desk


no food!? goddammit

The worst.

Every fucking time

I did it!

Majestic AF

All the feels.

This legally-blind woman lost her vision to relative darkness in 2004. Here she gets to see her best buddys face for the first time


How do I cat ? 

Robot fail.

"Child.exe has encountered an unexpected problem."

Now we know how we are spending the rest of the day.

Spin cycle


MOTO3 insane airborne save


Found this strange artifact. I Wonder what it does.

Want some?

Uninvited dinner guest

Thankfully you didn't do this today!

What is done , is done. It cant be changed.

When you know you're old.

Can never get into the musical guest



The Internet bringing people together!

This is actually awesome

One of those days.

What are you looking at?

Iron Man and his son.

The Ultimate Betrayal

Don't get your head stuck in there.

Half-second Watermelon ????


i built a cardboard Jet pack for the kids and wife

We've been doing this for hours.



Ye ol’ interesting gif dump

Send help?

Flying along minding my own business when suddenly...

Oh muddy puddles.




More than meets the eye!

Mini Transformers

Or nerd in their 20's.

Too accurate



So do the police.

Hotel advice

Or a really drunk guy.

Shopping with kids...


Unfortunately nobody can be told what the Matrix is

Hey now!

The Shameless Emmy Rossum

Ew, sorry, NSFW!

Blending your sorrows away

Kids used to put dog poop at the end of these.

Ain’t that the truth

Don't let them know!

Just so you know

My goodness!

Am I the only one who thinks that Scandinavian women are the most beautiful?

Hang in there for picture 40!

I love beautiful, cute, sexy women. There, I said it.

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