Lunch Break - 05.22.18 

Uncategory May 21, 2018 21:00

When robots try to C block you.

"Go away junior, mommy's talking..."

Nature will find a way.

Well, that didn't go as expected did it

Sorry little guy, things don't get better.

Betrayed By The Very Thing He Loves

He just wants a walk for Father's Day.

Never lose your inner puppy.

We are cold too.

Elizabeth Olsen

So happy it is Taco Tuesday!

Been married ten years and this woman still surprises me all the time

Like a snow day.

Best Feelings in the World.

Both make us hungry.

An honest mistake

Hopefully get that lucky with the lottery.

Good luck to the father lol

Use the Infinity Stones to reboot the whole universe?


They are easily programmed.

Stormtroopers play along with kid

In 50 years they do this at his funeral. Wankers!

My appendix burst and my brothers are wankers

No time to roast marshmallows?


Back in the day this is how they found out.


What's the skin for?

The Robot Next Door

Penguin was sick of hearing Morgan Freeman.

"Over here, you can see the ic- OW!"

Remember when your mom warned you about eating too much?

Not a very smart snake

He is sick of getting asked to do this wherever he goes.

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

And there goes the last reason we had to get up.

Well then you better go catch it!

We enjoy watching her fail too much.

Perfect landing 

It was fun until the infection.

Mud Party --> Sorry for the cancer

Dumbo is real!

Basset Hound puppy trips over his own ears.

I love you, bro!

shall we dance?

You had one job!

comics and memes that steam my beans

The Queen is more a fan of the Ultra Violence.

The queen never forgets

And we thought only Vin Diesel did those kinds of stunts!


Feeling so old right now.

The struggle Is Real

How I feel when I try to diet.

The struggle with diet and exercise.

Why my socks I order from Japan are always wet when I get them.

The deepest post box in the world.

She would have won too!

“I used to do track and field in HS” - her probably 



Why the soup always has a hair in it.

Puppy pre-wash

It is not an alcohol problem if you make it a cool "thing."

Randy for President


Florida Man decided to recall youth

Is this healthy?

Deal with it!

A good place to hide.

Surprise Nest

She can only drive SUVs!

Long legs Lunes

When winter is over and the city still hasn't fixed the potholes.

Suspension Porn

All of us right now.

When you bump into a sexy girl !

She is STUNNED that she is picture 40.

Sexy Girl from Argentina

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