Lunch Break - 05.21.18 

Uncategory May 20, 2018 21:00


All my bags are packed... in ready to go...

When you get a little head.


Me likey!

The Farleys

Don't care about this one.


When you lost your head.

Cakeday dump post

For people who like to eat dangerously.

In Soviet Russia, sushi eats you!

He almost ended up on that dinner plate.

"Is that a seal? Nope!" 

That look when you are staying in tonight.

Natasha Romanoff Cosplay

Most human guys can't do this.

Who's a good dog?

He wants a half moon cookie.

Two-Face chases his prey

That Genie though.

Actor cosplay

Cancels out as a win.

Save the beer

When they say Beware of Dog and you don't believe them.

Someone's at the door..."I'll get it!"

So it worked out in the end?

Hard work pays off.

Feeding time.

It has begun.

Why you need to practice playing with balls.

Dump of fail gifs part 12

Why we have planes in the first place.

Back To Plane

Smartest thing ever posted to the Internet.

Hey Carl, save some pussy for the rest of us! 

When you try to get that last tidbit of chicken wing.

A Dog Waves "Hello"

Games of CLUE are going to be intense.

I fuckin swear.

It checks out.

C.S.I Solved.

Nailed it!

flippy shit

Can taste them too.


Truth hurts.

Seth Rogen.

This hurt US.

Just wait for it. You'll feel it aswell.


He’s a keeper

Harry Potter has really jumped the shark..

Yer Under Arrest Harry

This Giraffe is super METAL.

Imgur App Crashed Again

What's a matter, cat got your spoon?

Playing competitive spoon pong

Thor and a Leprechaun got together.

Tried to take a picture of a rainbow during a storm and ended up capturing a lightning bolt 

This sadness can't be unseen.

When you realize life can be unfair

Like a little lady boss.

girl showing some skills

Real life Transformer.

Slo-mo magnetic colisions

Rockin out with your spots out.

Piano Duet

Scene from the future.

Never Too Old

They never did find all those ships.

Post title

When you need your McyD's, nothing gets in the way

This is the level of minding my own business I'm on...

Welcome back, Mr. Lennon.


Oh hai.

sexy clara oswald

This makes up for Episode 1.


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