Lunch Break - 05.19.18 

Uncategory May 18, 2018 21:00

Reining Angst would be a great Slayer song.

One of my favs

Where those Big Dog T-Shirts came from.

We need bigger human!

Not nice!

I feel bad for laughing so hard at this

Today in Super Satisfying!

Removing the bubbles from the resin pour

When it gets older, it will be too big for the house.

Golden boy discovers a new toy.

Are you even down with next level hooping?

HoolaHoop like a boss!

What is known as a KEEPER.

Girl In Heels + Skateboard +Trying To Flip It =

How does this not happen every night?

That was close...

Get Elon Musk on the phone; we found a new form of transportation.

Ah the Pioneers used to ride these babies for miles

Will have what she is having.

When you don't live in the U.S. but hear the Senate voted in favor of Net Neutrality.

We try the same thing; doesn't work.

Be brave baby squid

Nobody saw that.

I bet he gets all the bitches.

Why we have fences.

Had a really bad day yesterday. Went online to make myself feel. We’re. Wasn’t disappointed.

What kind of hotel is this?

Ahhh, the joys of borrowing.

When you tell her it is cold out.

Self winding snek

Best six years of your life.

"Welcome home, tell us what you learned this semester."

She regrets inviting her ex boyfriend.

It's not the 1st gif that amused me.

Now THIS is an entertainment center.


Everyone needs a hobby.

What would you do if this was your sibling?

Thoughts and prayers.

Did he have change of pants?

When the moist feline gives you that look.

I'll just leave this here

Eventually he doesn't even ask for peanut butter.

Molly’s a very special dog...

Polite AF.

Cop: "Stop right there!" Civilian: "Alright..."


lace-ears, black ones, i used to just play cat. I liked pretending to be a cat, dog too for that matter.

How blind cats know their owners.

"I touch da face."

For the win!

Not what I was expecting

Cheese is worth the pain. No pain no gain!

I love cheese

Truth hurts!

Oh God.....

Why bears love honey.

Bears getting hit in the nuts might be funnier than humans

You are thinking of your one weird friend who would love this.

1960s Gyrojet bullet Slo-mo

Everyone loves tea time. You get cake!

When's the last time the media gave a shit about a royal marriage in Swaziland or Thailand?

Go! Go! Go!

The shortest sports interview

If you ever wondered what day old bread and Drano would taste like.


Prison camp is getting competitive.

Sledgehammer (vs) Jackhammer

One handed!

I would give 5/7

WHO saw that coming?

Just an owl strutting. Happy Friday, Imgur.

These two terrorize the house.

Dog sneezes mid pic - inner demon captured! 

Three car pileup!

Stepdad reflexes.

Hey now!

Adrienne Michelle

She hasn't left the mirror all day.

Girl Sexy

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