Lunch Break - 05.18.18 

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That is the story they are going with.

Eyebrow migration

She said Johnson.

Kevin Hart's face. Priceless.

Food and flowers; this man has it all.

The ending makes this!

Someone hates IT.

I know what I’m doing when I get home

So satisfying.

Odie's Oil on Butternut Wood

Today in 'dorbs

Such cuddles 

This is not how any of this is supposed to work.

Manual surfing

She makes the cut.

Karen Gillian's first attempt at axe throwing goes unexpectedly well

Almost got a hole in one.

She knows exactly what she is doing ..

All he wanted was to clean his ears out.

We are destroying this planet

Panda fetish is a thing.

when truth has revealed

Now THAT is Spiderman.

Just a lil' Huntsman spider carrying the mouse he killed along a washing machine.

Dude thinks he is playing basketball right now.

Double Fault

Going to need a towel.

Oh nooo

That face says "It wasn't me!"

When you find out you're pregnant.

This is how the prequels were made.

A camera turning into George Lucas

He calls this move "The panty dropper."

Bat Tricks

Wonder who owns this car?

Wife spotted this, coming home from work this morning.

How Whoopie Cushions are made.

Making Bhatoora

Cargo Cult but they went to an 1980's punk rock show.

I can't stop laughing

Too late!

No feeding after midnight...

"Stop squeezing my tail."

Those eyes


Employee of the Month

How are we just learning this!?

Never trust a chicken... 

Orgy pro tips.


Orgy pro tip PART II.


Going to go with Yanny on this one.

fellow kids

Either one.

Salma Hayek at 22 and 51.

If your friends dropped their phone off a bridge...

Cause this wasn't obviously going to happen.

Oh great, robots taking our WWF jobs.

Now... do it in heels

OJ loves this joke.

Watching this wonderfull film for the first time. I'm sitting here damn near crying with laughter

Arf, arf, arf.

He just wanted some lunch :(

Cat just got owned by a ball.

When your cat forgets how to cat

Need more sequels.

Never forget John.

We have seen the devil. And she smiled.

My go to is, "you are acting like your mother right now" calms them right down


If Japan took control of Hawaii

Best friends.

A kangaroo petting a dog.

This one will hurt your brain.

It's my very first Cakeday! I never started the habit of favoriting stuff, so here's the first post i really loved and got one of my first top comments in... originally titled 'Dear Japan: Never Change'

Rules are rules?

why are girls so mean

Let us know if this works!

Guide: How to pick up girls at the beach.

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