Lunch Break - 05.15.18 

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Wait until you see how hard she laughed on their wedding night.

Possibly The Happiest Wedding I've Ever Seen


This is why I love Pandora's reflective bottom bar. I present to you: Prince with floppy titties.

Mark Zuckerberg is impressed.

MFW I see some big titties

Things got weird at Mardi Gras that year.

Kitties or Titties.



1st time they changed "Put them away!"

Them Titties

Trained well.


So many questions.

Normal lead-rope won't work? Hook it to her titties.

Nice view!

I love kitties and titties

Wait, this is what girls think about?

Damn, my titties

This new trainer goes super hard.

Depressed? Kitties n' Titties! Sad? Kitties n' Titties! Angry? Kitties n' Titties! Hungry?.....

And you thought going to the beach with sand was tough.

How about Booty Sprinkles to go with those sprinkle titties.

Don't get them started on Furries.

r/nekomimi and r/kitsunemimi for the scientists

Why you shouldn't cook shirtless?

This is america memes

Every pound counts.

This morning I'm down 50lbs. I'm still a bear-man human being,but this progress is great. 389.8 to 339.6

He is almost a teenager!

Fueled by daily whiskey and cigars, my cousin Richard Overton is the oldest man in the USA and today is his 112th Birthday!

Weird they would change it.

I want to see both !

The truth comes out.

Too many things are yellow now

Why you should never clean up.

Kid tries to pick up bottles, makes it worse.

Where is that horse going?!

A bed fan for those hot summer nights.

My shampoo works well, thank you mice!

Rat sculpture of love

Burglars are not getting past THIS.

Wait... you must pet me before you continue

Life is all about perspective.

Phone Dump: Mixed Bag Edition 12

One way to pick your nose.

Nose tickles

Feel better!

Send boops for a speedy recovery

It checks out!

Sanitary bathroom practices

Keeping it honest.

She’s hired.

KFC tonight!

His name is nugget

So this is the cyberpunk future we always dreamed of.

Hardcore pokemon hunter grandpa

He is a prepper, but only for Cheetos.

It's him!

Got em!

Never turn your back on the ocean "they said"

Weirdly satisfying.


When mom calls lunch.

That Was Fast

What we call a KEEPER.

What could I possibly say?

Exes can be the worst.

Who needs enemies when you have friends...

Well we know what we are doing when we get home.

Hours of fun

He caught his tail today, CHEERS!

chilling at the bar after a ruff day

Kid for the win!

Impressing everyone at the skatepark.

Getting excited to to out.

fluffing up

What you call an epic threesome.

Foods that will make you drool

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