Lunch Break - 05.14.18

Uncategory May 13, 2018 21:00

This should be fine.

Florida Man Party!

Is this really a common thing?

Not an unreasonable request.

What we call Saturday night in high school.

Rate my setup

So they are saying the one on the left IS a planet?!

This is the evolution of humanity in the last 24 years

Honesty is never best.

Depressing Fridge Poems

Never use the product, man!

Police dog after sniffing drugs all day.

AP Gym Class

Hats Up

Coming back to work after lunch like...

gettin out of lambo

I'm here!

Wait for it 

Beauty is in the eye of the BUTT holder. UGH.

Colorful farting peacock

That's an oven mitt.

they're good dogs Brent

Got to make sure it is not under weight!

Banana for scale

What is happening?

I'm satisfied...

10, it is 10.

Food for thought?

Your tax dollars at work.

Astronauts playing with their food in space.

Imagine a tub full of pizza.

Cat loves to play with toys in the bathtub.


Attack hug!

When people attack you but you make the most of it.

These people live a much more exciting life than me

Cannibal? More like CAN and ABLE!

Only 174 days left until Halloween

I know computers.


We are all high just looking at this pic.

Lets try and kill the internet, Woody.

Not getting the deposit back.

Like a glove.


when you have no idea what you are doing

That is just polite.

"You here?... Yo the pizza's here"


Toss a keg they said, it will be fun they said...

If they remade UP with dogs.

this is my life now

He was the porn star of the unicorn world.

Elasmotherium, the real unicorn

Why they put a pillow beneath her.

Dumperoo of fail gifs part 2

The ancients foretold of this day.

Did the impossible and used it to the end without losing it

Fixed it!

I'm sure that's safe

He has a point?

Yeah, alright Kanye whatever

When you Google a restaurant to find directions and this pops up...

google maps might be crazy

That is now how cars work.

When the question about what she wants to eat comes up while driving....

They charged a dime for this and saved the town.

Redneck Slip 'N Slide


If you're doing your job at least have some fun with it :)

I was told there was going to be pie.


Thanks Tesla!

Just a quote.... 

Nailed it!

Free hugs

But, awwww, come on!

Christ Titties

Weird: She still has a newspaper!

For a second I thought her titties were deformed 

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