Lunch Break - 05.12.18 

Uncategory May 11, 2018 21:00

How we feel working out.


It checks out.

Dump G

What happened to being a best friend?

Yoink, he knows exactly what he's doing. Adorable

She said it first!

Men's best girlfriend??

Put her on the team!


Some people treat this show like Westworld.


Just be yourself.

9 month progress

Going to get so much crack.


Protecting the neighborhood.

It’s my cake day and I’m a Dad too.

All the guys are enthralled by this ice cream.

What are friends for....

She was stuck like that until he got back from vacation.

A bunch o' stolen memes

Let the hate flow through you.

My life in a nutshell


Old but gold

Now get a beer for the guy in the stands.

Bat girl's first day on the job is a big hit.

All that work and...

Now you can mold your head

This looks familiar.

Clen Your Snek

Nobody asked you, cat!

Gimme paw!

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

(h)AvE scientists gone too far?

This is how it starts.


Deep thoughts.

The American dream.


That birthday Lit af

Nobody saw that!

When you live in Miami, but had a bad day...

This is a sad day for peeping toms.

Advances in 'fitting room' technology 

Don't laugh there is a lot of money in the eyeball trade.

Looks pretty proud of himself.


Parenting done right

Monster Strollers should be a thing.

Dad be like: We were just drawing in the park

What happened to full priced hugs?

Two guys wearing similar shirts find each other at a political rally.

Why we prefer the ground.

Professional cutting.. 

But then why did I put down so much money on the game?

Advice for parents on a kids soccer game

So the next time he gets the "we have your daughter" call, she handles it herself.

Adorable Dad Reflexes

True story: this is how mom and dad met.

Damn hippies...

We got to learn to speak dog.

This hooman is mad in the head

Found an infinity stone!

Sunlight hitting opal

Toad and Frog just did a sleeve of Oreo's and got fat AF.

I forgot how much I loved these books as a kid.

Dog told all his friends about this later but nobody believed him.

"Don't worry, I am protecting you"

If only there was an easier way.

Teamwork Level: 99

We just felt that roar!

The crispiness of this GIF, holy crap


Maybe you have OCD...maybe not?

We've all been there!

cats and titties

A little something for everyone!

Kitties and titties.

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