Lunch Break - 05.11.18 

Uncategory May 10, 2018 21:00

This never got old but for little Jimmy.

Dude on the left has the right idea.


In-flight entertainment

He just wants some attention, PLEASE!

When you take picture with girl

No, you are crying.

Don't worry... I got you little bro

That face you make when someone says they don't like pizza.

Puppy hears whistle for the first time.

Way less work than just picking the thing up.

Police helping a cat cross the road.

Nailed it!

Surgical Precision.

Right in the face!

Awesome technique.

When the cat gets home after seeing Black Panther.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Totally legit.

Babysitter perks?

Tantric lunch eating.

Cute, Wholesome, Animals - GIF Collection 2 (Turn on WIFI)

In my mouth, please!

I know what you want.

How we get for Happy Hour.

My dog wags her whole body instead of just her tail

Great Scott!

This man convinced a teenage boy to meet him in a mall parking lot late at night, stole plutonium from Libyan terrorists to “build a bomb”, and had a hand in destroying a tree farm.

To be fair he put his blinker on.

It's dangerous in these streets

FAKE: we tried this and it doesn't work.

Actual advice for mallards

Just gross.

slow-mo mayonaise

RIP, Becky.

Yeah... High five!

Snoop is ready to roll.

Still high after his visit to the vet.

That is the story the neighbors are going with.

now i need a fireplace

Gonna wait for the movie.

Yoda Bookend

Someone lost a contact lens.

Cornhole is serious business, sometimes you lose a pink shirt, sometimes it loses you

Satisfying to watch.

Spinning a skateboard wheel so fast the centrifugal force rips it apart

Dog is not a fan of the Fake News Media.

'Have you finished with that?'

That would have been super lame.

Elon Musk

What if you just see blood?


Buffet is open!

Double Kill

It checks out.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter team up for Bill & Ted 3 after 27 years...

Looks delicious.

Yes yes a “accident”

We have the technology.

Send this to an ex with no context

But with an English accent it sounds more sophisticated.


It all makes sense now.

Transformation gone wrong

Some people pay good money for this sort of thing.

"Did you call me fat?" 

Hahaha had to be there.

I was on imgur all night

He is training to be a cat burglar.

"I defy your laws of cleanliness human"

Translation: Don't eat me!



Stolen Memes, a presentation.

Don't try this at home!

Fantastic Four: behind the scenes

Somebody's grandmas now, but still got it!

California Surfer Girls, 1964, Colourised

She forgot something this morning!

It's too damn early for this

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