Lunch Break - 05.10.18 

Uncategory May 09, 2018 21:00

Costco was having a sale on these things, so...

Gronk tries using a minigun


Spring time, when every tree in the world gets laid and pollen's in the air

No, YOUR mind is in the gutter.

Alison Brie blowing up a balloon

How Carl lost his toe.

Rescued Bobcat Baby Doing a Sneak

iPhone Fail!

It ran windows! :(


Every mechanic's worst nightmare

We need to get into tennis.

Serena Williams can still really hit them....

Spoiler alert: it's love. Love is in his hand!

What's in my hand?

Theory: they just like to mess with us.

Sensational dump

Does this work for fat dudes? Asking for a friend.

when your dog is on a low carb diet and you gotta do your best to trick him


Might be useful some day

Back in my day we looked at tentacle porn and we liked it.

God dammit Japan we talked bout this

Which one?!

Nebula is quite a babe.

Trying to get that last drop of beer like...

Me in real life.

He should get together with dog in last GIF.

Hot dog!

And then she flew away.

Realistic wing cosplay



Fingers add flavor.

fear for her fingers

That's the spot!

husky gets its ears cleaned

What centuries of inbreeding does.

A dump of memes delivered to your eyeholes.

When you find out the bride is evil.

When the photo angle is just reich.


When it’s Dads turn to drive to daycare

Just following directions.

Do not upvote unnecessarily

Just going to dip in the tip.

Dick Pool.

His nickname is Winnie the Pooh.

Hawk gives no fucks.

We seem to be stuck.

let me help you....nevermind

Harry Potter and The Tree Of One Thousand Sneezes

So... much... pollen...

Some even talk to a girl.

It really is

He is pretty excited for that new Solo movie.

Boba Fett Dance

And then it asked if you have seen John Connor.

Pouring Molten salt in water 

So many questions.

Meanwhile in New York city!!!

Well. someone get it off!

Errr... Ma'am?

Everyone should be entitled to... hey wait you're a cat!

Spoiled brat!

Weirdly satisfying.

Cleaning solar panels

Hey, stop monkeying around!

What's in da hoodie

If THAT is what the kids are calling it these days.


He is binge watching Puppy Dog Pals.

When I dump, You dump.

How cats get high.

Round and round she goes...

Nice tats!

The socks are lying.

Presented with no comment because we are speechless.

Random Hot Girl...

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