Lunch Break - 05.09.18 

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We saw this, now so too shall you!


Indoor pool; who wants to go for a swim?

Google review of the Chernobyl sarcophagus.

Best friends.

Having breakfast together.

WHO is touching me?

"Did you seriously just touch my neck!?"


Conan's doppelgänger is a police woman

No flying cars yet, but we will settle for this!

Table-top Augmented Reality App (update)

Nobody is as happy as this dog and a balloon.

dog has some fun time at the mall

He heard the neighbors have better Kibble.

"I won't wonder off, I promise" - Dog

The last time they invite Gary to the celebration.

Each has its own victory

Warning: this GIF will give you vertigo.

In the abyss

Banana on Banana violence.

Banana hate.


Bring out the secret weapon

When the alarm goes off but you doin' back to bed.

Sleepy puppy

When is the last time someone greeted you like this?

Dog sees human after 5 days...

Not the hero we want, the hero we need.

Garbage disposal site

Beware of Dad?

watch this dog reaction when the man pretend to hitting the baby

Things have gotten out of hand since Sesame Street went to HBO.

Shots! Shots! Sho-sho-sho-shots!

Robot drinking partner still counts!

It's not like I'm just sitting around drinking by myself...

What happens if your computer doesn't eat a healthy diet.

Dump I just sent my BF to keep him entertained.

I have thumbs and couldn't do this!

I hope you get some of the following in your life!

"Hi Georgie. Do you like barbecue, Georgie?"

Dump part 1

I mean they're not wrong. It's not a bad life.

They Live! cosplay

If this becomes a thing, people with face tattoos are going to be pissed.

Did this technology ever progress?

The sand worms got her.


It's like the opposite of a flame thrower if you think about it....

That's a cool Water Gun

You'll be sleeping with the fishes, SEE!

Jason Vorhesse fish tank figurine

Dog lover for the win.

Not all heroes wear capes

New Jurassic World is really just going to be 90 min of this.

"Let me see your mad dog face"

When Slayer comes on.



I’m gonna get that arm.

The bird is mad he wasn't invited to the wedding.


I'll vote what she's voting.

Colombia pushes political campaign using girls in bikinis

Guess you could call him a tree hugger.


Stalker alert.


New clean air vehicle is on point.

Anakin Skywalker, the only human who can drive a podracer

I think she figured out the plot of Westworld.

Anybody else have that really dumb friend?

Nothing like sharing a drink with a friend.

new best friend

An expert at keeping it polished!

Always remember to shine your coffee machine!

More like Scarlett Jo- Damn, son!

Messy and Sexy Scarlett Johansson

Still would.

Dead Sexy.

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