Lunch Break - 05.08.18 

Uncategory May 07, 2018 21:00

This is not the dog you are looking for.

When your dog doesn't want to come inside...

What kind of magic is this?!

Hooter's girls have many skills

Uncle Phil would be impressed.

Pondering life's biggest questions has led me to believe that this playground in West Philadelphia is where an assault occurred many years ago forcing a young man to move accross the country to live with relatives in an affluent community...

Cat rain coats are why the rest of the world hates us.

Don't mind me, just taking a stroll

They all need to get a room.

Right time, right place

Stunt doubles: you get paid so the good looking people don't get hurt.

double dump

There is no rule saying he can't be on the team!

Want the ball?, Nope can't has

Hopefully he also brought an ice pack for getting butt hurt.

live news coverage of an disaster

Nobody tell them about Infinity War.


Oh, dang.

When youre a grower not a shower

A point has been made.

Opening Night Meme Dump

Remember to recycle!

MRW I'm done taking all of my finals

Foxy lady!

excited fox

We otter play that game.

Otter Patty-cake

KFC family meal!

Synchronous Chicken Feeding

Want to stay on his good side when he is down there!

Slow-mo done right

Nailed it!

Haha!! Someone really did it!!

When it's your birthday you can drink like a fish.

Hilarious horses

The fellas at the club thought this shot was CLUTCH, BRO.

When the plan actually works!

America in 2018, folks.

We are watching you!

Remember not to lock your kids in with the windows rolled up.


When you see true genius and don't know what to do.

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

Should be fine if there is no mold in it.

Just my luck...

Bustin' a move.

Happy international dance day! 

Snort, snort!

I love..puzzles....


When your stations low on gas so you order the express delivery

Life is pain.


Never gets old.

Waiting for summer to hit like...

Seems about right.

The middle finger always gets me

"Mystery Pooper" is my nickname from high school.

Imgur, we need funny comments please

She should play football.

When your M&M's get stuck

Does that make the principal, Friendster?

Accurate. In order left to right.


Oh damn

It's electric!

Florida Man vs Electricity - 0:1

These steaks will be WELL DONE.

My dad would rather die

When the meth kicks in.

When you are very afraid of the police.

After a long day of posting the Break gallery.

Hello darkness my old friend


Baby elephant learning to drink water like mom

That's someone's grandma now. Weird. Still would.

70's girls can be hot too?

She can't believe she made it to picture 40, but we can!


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