Lunch Break - 05.07.18 

Uncategory May 06, 2018 21:00

Heeeeey there ladies!

Humpty Dumpty

Oh that is rude.

Darwin awards always has new candidates

YOU will pay!

Shots fired

This one smells fresh.

Overjoyed to meet the newest addition to the family.

Nice locket!

Admiring a women's accessories, what the problem with that? 

Small and super sized!

Her pride and joy

Meanwhile in the next Avengers movie.


There is an imbalance in The Force, wait, no...

Safety First

We found patient zero.

I too hate that dry flaky feeling when I forget to put my lotion on.

He is going to love the new movie.



You never listen

RIGHT there, yeah.

Spaw day


JFK Assassination in Dallas, TX (November 22, 1963 Colorized) 

Home run!

Two balls, no strikes.

Hearts and farts they fade. Fade away.

It’s fun to do, just leave quickly afterwards.

Someone for everyone!

Young Love

The new Transformers movie looks legit.

Trimming Olive Trees

Can't wait until 2019!

Would have loved Natalie Dormer in this role

Scan left. Enhance.

Zoom in!

Now they probably have an app for this.

The Red Light District in Amsterdam, 1968.

Mail is here!

this is just adorable 

When you rescue a cartoon animal from the pool.


Our first favorite pic of the gallery.


Pops has a point!

PSA: This meme is inaccurate. Please refer to §3.4 of your Meme Handbook

A true friend.

Cat Keeps Little Girl Company During Therapy for MS

Somehow this all makes sense.

Japanese noodle ad takes a sharp turn

The age of The Jetsons has arrived.

Bicycleized treadmill

Cat burglars!

My security camera alerted me to movement at 3am. I live in the suburbs.


I think there’s a hair in my ice cream

Sneaky tree.

Barking up the wrong tree.

Nice way to smack the ball.

She can hit it better than many of us

Don't knock it until you try it.

How to properly eat a steak


Which Kardashian is this?

When you realize this is all life has to offer.


Eating some fruit?

What a strange way to eat a grapefruit.

Wait for it...

Warblegarbling Intensifies

They have a point.

Korean Girls trying root beer for the first time

Got to keep all your options open!

If you need a laugh today, just remember; Disney bought the domain name


Sexy is Sexy

Thank you, goodnight!!

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