Lunch Break - 05.05.18 

Uncategory May 04, 2018 21:00

Hide the paint cans!

Kid with disability uses it to his advantage as a mad max cosplay.

When your roommate is pushing for a threesome.

No, no, no, no cuddling without me!

When you are good for thieving and you know it.

He's Mary Poppins ya'll!

Nobody spill ANYTHING!

Wait for it.

You could say he was stone cold awake.

stolen stuff part 2

Batman needs help with his belt.

Wonder Woman and Batman - Wonder Con Cosplay - Coming Soon First Gallery.

When you win and fail at the same time.

Skipping in a 380 ft shot

Nobody show him a heating blanket.

"What is this stuff? I demand to know what it is!"

The boss is in.

Unenthusiastic scritches 

What happened to "Be kind, rewind!?"

Old reliable

He just wants to get into a Rated R movie.

stolen stuff part 6

Mondays, am I right?

Police dog doesn't want to go to work.

Well, now you proved her right!

Growing up, this is what my mother feared when she left me home alone. 

Zombie baby!

"Taught my one year old to be a zombie. Now she does it anytime I ask."

The red car won by a beak.

I didn't even realize the cars are drawn at first...

We will never be as cool as this dog.

Mr. Steal yo mam

If only they got rid of everyone who thought that was a good show.

The stones were there for us, if we were there for them

Didn't even have to use the bumper bowling!

This is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. And a decent bowler. 

You do you, bro. You do you.

Double standards

When Skype isn't enough.

Home from basic training.

Finally the answer to an age old question.

No one let the dogs out.

Someone just unlocked Tinker Bell.

Who made this!?

He swore he buried a bone here.

Ancients have awoken; it is Dog

Why'd he have to get the other guy involved?


Carl always double checks those guns are not loaded.

Filming a rap video

A little something for everyone.

Aw sick

Reminds us: Mother's Day is coming up.

I too feel at ease and blend right in when I'm with a group of people.

Think of the last car you saw that deserves this!

Parking ticket

It could have been someone else, you don't know.

This justifies Clark Kent's glasses I guess

Bringing new meaning to the term hand job.


Has anyone seen the wiener dog?

...But have you ever been Labrador with a hotdog happy

The gremlin that lives in this pot sure loves to cook.

Automatic takoyaki flipping cooker

She can be as messy as she likes.

Badass Paul.

Here it is, your moment of zen!

Zen garden on a rainy day.

On second thought we are not hungry. Ever again.

How to eat: boiled eggs

Spider Man is tired.

Assorted gifs

Not always their best day.

Not the God of Hammers.

It checks out.

Do you want to see aliens ?

That Kate Beckinsale though.

The perfect smile

No farming got done that day.

I do so enjoy reposting butts from my Favorites folder

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