Lunch Break - 05.04.18 

Uncategory May 03, 2018 21:00

Why yes a cat did get my tongue.


Looking for a Chick Filet.

Baby cow zoomies

This guy knows where the good party is.

Me acting natural at a party

She knows what she is doing.

"Yep, that's the spot."

Bugs Bunny was not a snowflake.

Best served cold too

Propane and propane accessories.


They weren't kidding about the gangster stuff!

I don't think I saw this episode of Peppa Pig

New Avengers character looks pretty on point.

When your waiting for the head to arrive...

Getting your hair did like...

small happy marshmallow

Gonna put this day in the win column.

The frier gods have smiled upon me


Hercules Beetle Metamorphasis

Now the kids can pretend they are in an episode of MASH.

This helicopter fan

Skeletor needs a mani-pedi.

For Grayskull

Also helps plow snow.

Car safety device 1939

Putting in the good fight.

One Venezuelan pic a day... (late night edition)

This is very satisfying.

Best Way to Shell Sunflower Seeds

This went better than expected.

let me show you my new trick

Lego Man just wants to sit under it in piece.

Legoland Japan has set a new Guinness World Records title after building a life-size sakura tree using over 800,000 Lego bricks

Can't unsee this.

The sun looks pissed though

Oh no, Grandma upholstered Sarah.

Porcelain doll:

When the Earth burbs.

Today is my Cake Day. Here are a bunch of gifs/pics of lava because lava is so hot right now.

As good a job as you are going to get today.

there was an attempt

Happy Anniversary to Two Girls One Cup!

Diabeetus intensifies

This should finally get everyone's attention.

183 days left till Halloween!

Ben Franklin, Elon Musk, and the guy who did this..

holy creativity

More than meets the eye!

Transformer Robots made from recycled scrap metal by Thailand-based company Yumi Modal.

She picked a winner.

The face of happiness & disappointment

Boom goes the dynamite.

Nurse is calm as a toad in the sun.

Breaking Dough

Want a donut?


Happy Mother's Day Mom.

Somewhere Wilford Brimley is smiling.

Mint Chocolate Chip MilkShake

Guess we answered that question.

Wife material

The more you fail, the less you know.

Enjoy my fail today at work today. I did not.



Now you try!

She masters Beyonce's choreography.

Oh we see what you did there!

Before my surgery, the anesthetist offered to use knockout gas or whack me over the head with a canoe paddle. It was an ether/oar situation.

Ugh, government overreach AGAIN.

Homeopathic Sociopathy

On some planets this is way cool.

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy/Watcher Cosplay

That is NOT how shirts work, lady!

Hot girls

High five for picture 40!

Hello Sailor Jupiter!

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