Lunch Break - 05.03.18 

Uncategory May 02, 2018 21:00

That's not a lighter, THIS is a lighter!

"Are you sick and tired of an unreliable lighter? We have the solution for you"

Better than picking a scab.

Is this what you people what?

Gets us every time!

Silverback Payback

Ain't nobody got time for cat.

This is the most cat thing I’ve ever seen.

The next great athlete has been found.

Nailed It

She is still a winner to us.

So close

Some people pay good money for this.

Favorite pillow

This makes sense.

Proud to be one

Why the deliveries are always late.

When you find that special someone...

Follow that van!

Some things are just universal at any age.

New Disney movie in 3,2,1

flying with the mates

When she make a weird noise and you want to make sure everything is OK.

Hello there!

Fighting the good fight.

A worthy cause.

IF only there was a better way.

At first I thought what savage would do this?

New at 11...

Was she watching CSI Miami?

How we cut out steak.

Knife Cutting Skills Course 

Double dorbs

Puppy gives his buddy a push on the swing.

Has he tried some hand cream?

A man once escaped a prison and took 12 hostages with a block of wood painted like a gun. All you gotta do is try.

You know what you did rock.

Surprised by a Rock

That's how the flavor mixes in there so well.

The correct way Dairy Queen serves Blizzard upside down.

Every dude just bought his lady one of these.

A practical tool for people with long hair

Who has been sitting in your car?!

Cleaning the seat of a car.

He has a point.


Wait, what was he trying to do?

movie scene 

You never know.

Plot twist!

Why they call it a fox hole.

Drop the bass

Guess Santa didn't come for him.

wait for it...

Oh, Oh, now get something to clean up the cat piss.

Finally, technology that might improve our lives.

Carl really hates being called a hoarder.

I too enjoy discovering an employee appreciation meal in the break room at work.

Neighborhood watch doesn't mess around.


Thank you! Thank you!

MRW I buy a new outfit

We lost one!

"Don't tell your mother..."

Nothing to see here!

Dog sneaks up on cat.


Wait for it 


Watch carefully

Those muddy puddles didn't jump in themselves.

it’s 2018 and i’m not even surprised

And the winner is...


And we see why you have a clog.

Bath time for snake.

Oh hi.

Just all natural model Leanna Decker modeling a red/pink bikini.

She knows what she did.

ahh summer time

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