Lunch Break - 05.02.18 

Uncategory May 01, 2018 21:00

He would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that pesky gravity.

me vs monday

It all checks out.

*insert creative title for a dump*

We all have a demon on our back.

You are carrying a lot of stress in your lower back Dodger

Looking for a snack like...

I haven't seen anything to make me go Awww toda....

Don't want to give anyone ideas but this is awesome.

modified fire extinguisher

Old school park button.

Look at this old parking system ...

That's Private Porno to you!

Parents can be assholes

Does not compute!

Pug gets its mind blown!

Not what he had in mind for a thruple.


When you accidentally get in a fight in The Matrix.

Throwing wind ....

Cosplay from the BEST Batman movie.

Danny Devito would be proud.

We can't even get a cool fist bump down.

Ma Kitten..!

Time comes for us all.


When there is pizza in the break room.


Don't want to know what happened to Rubber Ducky.

When the Ecstasy wears off

This guy is in the next Avengers movie.


Doors? Where we are going we don't need doors.




FAIL; that doesn't happen when we flex our muscles!

What a time to be alive

He just got friend zoned.

I still wouldn't get the hint 

When you get out of the shower on a cold day.

This Little guy greeting the word

We would never leave the house.

Hold hands?

A National Historical Landmark

I found the thing!!

This is way better then yelling at kids to get off the lawn.

Grandpa plays a virtual reality game.

Do three sets of 40 and put on "Raining Blood."

When Slayer is in town, and you gotta get your neck back into shape.

Lady, where were you shopping?!

Penne pasta

Let's go for a toboggan ride!


When she don't want to go to the club.

dragging home a drunk friend be like:

Peace out!

Have fun down there, heathens ????

Cuteness orgy!

I want to pet all of them.

Who wore it better?

Admit it, we all liked her.

When lunch fights back.


Good. Good.

Last 50 favorite post....Dump

Time machine.

A opened CT scanner spinning up to full speed

Human ant farm!

the walkway is not spinning

We are all living a lie.

Dumping 1,028 memes pt 10

That cool friend that can blow smoke rings.

Lowpass with vortex

Some of these are useful!

I like them all

Never a bad thing!

Some more Kate Upton for you guys!

Just saying HELLO!

Dreaming of summer and boobs..I mean, bikini season.

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