Lunch Break - 05.01.18 

Uncategory Apr 30, 2018 21:00

Find you a pet who greets you like this.

Chicken run

When you are hungry, but also lazy.

"step back, I got this!"

Made it through Monday like...

So excited.

Karate for the win.


It checks out.

The Greater Good

We feel the same way.

What kind of sorcery is this?

When you found a "new mom."

"ALAN, come here! There is this cute chick sharing food again"

It's like popping a million zits at once!

Satisfying squeeze

Truth hurts.


Things got weird fast when he wanted to be petted.

Girl moved abroad 9 months ago and wanted to know if her dog would recognize her on a video call.

When it is too early to get out of bed.

Cuteness Dump (probably all reposts)

Processing the best way to control them.

"Oh, high Mark."

When there is a new co-worker.

Local cat hates a mysterious stranger


even if you ride safely something fucky happens


Aesthetically pleasing cabinet.

When you just trying to do your job and get sent to a prison camp. Whoops!

Kim Jong-Un pushes a North Korean photographer out of the way of President Moon.

Getting all the swipes.


He thought it was a break dancing challenge.

The technique called "Acting Retarded"


I think it's supposed to be scary - but can't stop laughing at it!

Good to go!

Did someone say "Dog Park"

Question: who is taking the picture?


When you make everyone wait for you and you know it.

Coach asked him to run as fast as he could

"Better not be talkin' to her!"



Shoyu Ramen with Chashu Recipe

Don't make 'em like they used to.

A rats nest

Avengers but for cats.

Big Cats like laser pointers too 

Itchy just thinking about it.


Like putting us in a barrel of toy pizzas.

Touch da fishy - kitten heaven edition

Never forget.

rice krispies go snap crackle pop

This should be in the next Olympics.


They needed to create jobs somehow.

wait for it

And we thought water beds were asking for trouble.

*hears a crack*

The people in his trunk can vouch for that.


Pulling himself up by his boot straps.

I would do the same

So doing this.

All you can eat buffet Masterchef challenge

Wait for it... wait for it. No really wait for it.

You've been struck by... a confused criminal.

Sometimes steam punk is cool. Sometimes.

The new Apple Watch looks promising

Almost made it!

pew pew pew

When the air conditioning kicks in.

Girl her breasts are looking at me

We are going to need a cold shower after this swim!

The water looks beautiful...

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