Lunch Break - 04.30.18 

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Tell them it was photoshop...

You don't want to know what he was looking at.

Funny Random Meme Dump

This one is going to end up on the news.

Birb rage intensifies

Ding. Fries are done.

MRW I'm at the bar and I hear Mr. Brightside start playing on the dance floor.


High definition cuteness 

Dwight would never survive The Quiet Place!

When the tables turn......

Someone just got schooled.

It's true y'know.

This is how it starts.

Gorilla love

And that is when things got weird.

Veterinarian uses his pet Raccoon to cheer up (or distract) his patients. 

The truth hurts.

Connection wasn't a problem....

Wait for it...

How NOT to refill a lighter.


“Ok little human, we can be friends”

Should get extra points for this.

Florida Man

We could never get the pieces to fit right.

Trench run kinetic sculpture

Porn Hub has really had an effect on the culture.

Dark Simpsons 

Collect 'em all?

Bootleg Avengers

The more you know!

Remember kids, never pour water on a grease fire or have children

Evil takes many forms.

Seriously, if you do this, fuck you.

Damn it, Frank.

Frank Reynolds has spoken.

When you step out of your lane.

One More Moon Moon Who Loves Water

Oh I'm sorry, did you say please?


Time to dance!

Going on a second date with a girl I am into...

The math checks out.


Time to bounce.

How to leave a boring relationship


Sharing some pictures for my fey touched campaign

A fail for the win!

This takes skill

Life comes at you hard and fast, son.

I tried so hard and got so far...

When you got to show off.

MFW I'm the least interesting dog at the park

Why don't you have a seat right over there.

Surprise Motherfucker!

Only those who help, get to eat.

I'm helping

What you call a royal hello.

It's about the point of view

This whole time he just needed to oppa gangnam style.

Kim Jong Un after crossing into South Korea

What you call a compact car.

And that's how you get a quarter horse. 

Where we are going we don't need roads.

I'll get it



Thems jokes!

How you do that?


Fun fact

Whey they call him "Bear?"

Nom Nom Nom

What you call a trifecta!

babe in bikini and airplane show. one hell of a picture

Just remember, she is not really a zombie so it is OK.

Distract the humans with a bikini babe

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