Lunch Break - 04.28.18 

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Well, that was unexpected.

Fox hunting!

Humans, dont mind me

Pasta hat!

"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, stares are deadly, there's something on his head already, mom's spaghetti"

These two!

He was waiting for this moment

So little!


You gonna eat that?

doggo wants petz!

All we are saying is give peas a chance.

I agree with this guy!

Just stay down.

Someone please send halp

When science has gone too far.

How is This Tesla Queen not Dead?!

Nobody saw anything!

Burb: Ooo water! Can't... Quite.... Reaa OMGFUKNGODJEEBUSCHRISTOFLATTER... IM COOL

He is using The Force.

“Ah fuck , I thought the treatments were working” - kid probably

Cat Kuato!

I found the purfect doctor

Lunch is delivered!

"I will sh!t down your throat"

10 points!

Awesome and elegant

When you getting ready for a date like...

Just Dave Bautista getting his Drax makeup on 

We are all stardust.

Sad life

This is a robbery!

Gathered on business

Someone took a wrong turn.

Calgary Traffic

We did it for the flying Windows.

Now that’s a screen I’ve not seen in a long time...

Boom goes the dynamite.


The numbers don't add up!

Wtf burger king

NOW who is playing fetch?

A way to play with the cat and the dog at the same time.

We have ways of making you talk.

I was there, they torture him to make me talk....

So satisfying!

Just water cutting through some things 

We have a winner!

Now let me see your war face!

She swears she slipped.

Hope You All Enjoy the Laughs Epic Gif Dump

When you just need to hold your papers together.

<3 Vinny

Or being late for school.

get it together, brain

Saves on plane tickets.

Amazing Mechanical Wing Cosplay.


A Lioness And Her Carer Playing Before Falling Asleep Together


Take it off slow

Why you don't want to owe a cat money.

Upvote money cat and receive good fortune in 24 hours

His style is strong.

Amazing martial skills

When Thor has gas.

Oh great, now it's raining lightning

And you thought playing a game of got your nose was rough.


Serial killer car wash.

At the Car Wash

"I'm Bat Cake."

Cake day, so here is a (re)post to celebrate with the cake that all deserve

Have a seat!


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, oh dang.

Sexy legs.

Hey now!

Emilia Clarke Sexy Lingerie Topless Covered for Esquire

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