Lunch Break - 04.27.18 

Uncategory Apr 26, 2018 21:00

Cat is having none of it.


Meanwhile at the hacky sack store.

Caught it!

Us: Any.

Dump o memes to cleanse the camera roll (50)

Just watching this counts as exorcise.

When you love exercise but you love cocaine too

When she touches you the RIGHT way.

"Yep, that's the spot."

Time to go to the salon.

The West Papuan highlands - a true wilderness


Amazing Homemade Wooden Round Folding Table 

How you leave work on a Friday.

I should not disturb anyone when you are happy

When you finally stand up to your bully.

This man has insane skills

Lunch time!

a giant alligator prowling outside a Florida middle school

Pro tip: don't poop in the display toilets, they hate that.

"Why can't I sits when I totally fits!"

Retaliation will be swift and fast.

Brutal sneak attack.

Delivery is here!

"I see Chili's roadrunner and raise you the roadrunner that visits my parents every week."

Some people pay good money for this kind of thing.

Third Wheel feeling

Ever go to Costco and just buy a sheet cake to eat by yourself?

Chocolate Caramel Drizzle Cake

So satisfying.

is that what you all want?

His origin story was not pretty.

A little softer next time?

He needs to just calm down.

Humans have too much time on their hands.

RL Transformer 

At least they used a blinker.


A little cushin' for the pushin'.

hard times for chubby bulldog

Trying to decide what to get off the lunch menu.

A collection of favorable memes to celebrate my cake day

After the all you can eat buffet, like...

Getting out of a Lamborghini

They come to life just to freak people out in the water.

Underwater human sized figurines are off the coast in Gili Meno Indonesia

Trying to get out of work on Monday like...

Oh shit, oh shit oh shit...hey, this isn't so bad..boop!

After four beers.

Puffer Fish releasing water

This is your brain on kale. Any questions?

Lettuce rejoice with these veggies

The cat just wanted a committed relationship.

The Absolute Worst Studio Photos of Men With Cats

Nailed him!

Getting caught pickpocketing by a guard

Does it have a toilet and a TV?

Essential for the English football mother.

Hang in there, the week is almost over!

this is the kind of support i need in my life

Wait, there is a way to get more money in your account?

Gamer evolution

The royal food tester.

Trash panda eats its birthday cake

We think this is a good play.

What are the odds?

New show on Nick Jr.

Cotton Chicken Candy Nuggets

After work he is going to the mooseum.

It MEMES you don’t really love me

30 years later she still never got her hand back.

Can Somebody Lend Me A Hand?

Or another dog!

Semi meme dump

Is it Oktoberfest yet?

Beer Boobs Bavaria .. what else?

Yay or nay?!

Danni Kalifornia underboob

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